X WordPress Theme Review

Reviewing the Game-Changing X Theme from ThemeCo

The X Theme on WordPress has seen huge rises in popularity in recent times, with many sites and bloggers making use of the theme for the benefits it offers. There’s a lot of competition out there among the very top themes, so the X Theme must be doing something special to attract so many users. Today, we’ll take an in-depth look at this WordPress theme, analyzing its advantages and features to discover how good it really is. Your choice of theme can be an important factor when it comes to determining the success of your site and perhaps the X Theme could be the one for you.

X Theme Review
  • Quality of Design
  • Quality of Code
  • Ease of Use
  • Variety of Layouts and Options

Review Summary

X WordPress Theme can be anything you need it to be. It has tons of options, allowing unlimited customization, and has to be one of the most well-documented themes of all time. The only criticism we can give is that it might be a little difficult for novice users to work with.

Stacks on X WordPress Theme

First of all, let’s look at the primary features the theme has to offer and we’ll begin with “Stacks”. This is a term used by the development team of the theme, but it actually just refers to different styles or templates. The theme comes with four different Stacks, each of which offers a good range of layout options to help you create a design that is entirely your own and stands out from the crowd.

x wordpress theme cornerstone page builderOf the four stacks on offer, we have Integrity, a particularly sleek-looking design that offers attractive designs well-suited for businesses. There’s also the Renew stack which is simplistic and cuts out the unnecessary fat that makes up many other themes and templates out there. Another stack is called Icon which features some very unique layouts and stand out from the crowd. Finally, there’s Ethos, a stack with some flashy and attractive layouts that will suit blog owners perfectly.

The stacks are a great feature of X Theme, allowing individual users to customize their sites in any way they choose, creating a truly unique design every single time from just four major templates. This is particularly impressive, and the X Theme becomes even more attractive when you look at the library of extensions on offer.

X Theme Extensions and Included Premium Plugins

To boost the functionality of the theme itself and give you even more options than ever before, these extensions (or plugins) are all available and can really help owners who want to get the most from their sites. In the library of extensions provided with the X Theme, you’ll find some familiar names like Slider Revolution or Visual Composer. However, there are several extensions that you can only find with the X Theme including Custom 404s, White Label and Terms Of Service.

To make your site even more unique after installing a new theme, you’ll usually make use of the vast and varied customization options that many themes arrive with. These options often take the form of complicated menus and confusing systems that don’t really fit with the rest of the WordPress style. Well, with X Theme, everything is simple and streamlined as the developers have included the options to customize the theme in WordPress Customizer, easily allowing you make adjustments and create a site to suit you needs. You can even preview changes before confirming them.

X WordPress Theme Built-In Integrations

The theme also offers seamless integration with WooCommerce, one of the most commonly-used e-commerce systems out there, making buying and selling on your site simpler than ever before. We can’t go into detail on the other unique features of X Theme because there are simply too many to cover, but anyone interested should know that the theme includes features like Google fonts, custom backgrounds, Megamenus, PSD files and more.

With all these options, you’d think that X Theme would be pretty complicated. New users are often turned off by certain themes as the complexity can be just too intimidating. Fortunately, X Theme keeps everything simple and easy-to-follow. Installation is a simple and rapid process, while the extensions on offer help to make the theme very easy to use and customize. Everything is very easy to get started with and you can preview almost anything before confirming it for your site, allowing you to be 100% sure about the changes you are making before you actually implement them.

x wordpress theme extensions

Some of the extensions will take a bit of getting used to for inexperienced users, but it’s only a matter of time before you understand every aspect of this great theme. It’s also worth mentioning here that, with so many options, it might take you a bit of time to truly decide on the design you want. However, this can’t really qualify as a criticism; the theme is simply so well-made and fully-featured that you’ll have a tough time choosing between the excellent options on offer.

Overall, the X Theme has to be recommended to WordPress users new and old. It comes with so much functionality and customization that one would expect from a complex package. However, any trace of complexity or difficulty has been removed by the team of developers behind this theme. X has been streamlined to perfection, allowing you to install and use whatever you need with ease and speed. It’ll cost you a little more than the average theme, but is worth every penny and we can’t see why anyone would want to switch to another theme after experiencing this one.

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