WPEngine Coupon

WPEngine was one of the first companies to stake their claim in the Dedicated WordPress hosting industry. We keep their service more affordable with our WPEngine coupon codes, which are updated daily to save you the most money possible.

$25 Off at WPEngine

This is undoubtedly the top available WPEngine coupon for 2016. Use this coupon when purchasing a personal WPEngine hosting plan and try their hosting for just $4 per month for the 1st three months.

15% off Personal Plans

This is our most popular WPEngine coupon for anyone purchasing an annual personal WPEngine plan. Our annual coupon expires at the end of June, so grab this discount today!

20% off Business Plans

Saving 20% on an annual business plan with our WPEngine coupon is a $240 savings. That will move the bottom line in the right direction in a hurry.

25% off Enterprise Plans

It's never been more affordable to purchase an annual hosting plan from WPEngine than it is this May. For the remainder of the month, you can save 25% with this coupon code.

20% Off and Free Migration - Annual

If you are purchasing an annual WordPress hosting plan from WPEngine, then this coupon is the best offer for October. Get your site moved for free, and save 20% off your total purchase.

20% Off and Free Migration - Monthly

If you are purchasing a monthly WPEngine hosting plan, then this coupon is our top WPEngine coupon for October. Get your site moved for free, and save 20% off your hosting purchase.

Guide to Saving With our WPEngine Coupon

WPEngine is widely regarded as either the leader or one of the leaders in dedicated WordPress hosting. So why do so many people still host WordPress on lesser-shared accounts? We believe it has to be price and familiarity. However, with our WP Engine coupon codes, you can lower your first three months on WP Engine to less than the cost of a shared account. This gives you an opportunity to see just how easy it is to use WPEngine, and if you can save $75 in the process, why wouldn’t you?

Copy one of the WP Engine coupons from our site and feed them at the time you are checking out on their site; your savings will automatically increase and one WP Engine coupon will decrease your overall website cost to a great extent. These discounts will be at your fingertips before you even realize it. With our WPEngine coupon directory, you will always be informed about the different deals depending on the plan you choose.

Today, there may be countless web hosting providers, but WP Engine is one of the most important names in the industry. The reason being its dedication towards WordPress websites and applications. This is perhaps the only web host that concentrates mostly on one Content Management System for the web designing needs of the customers. It is a fully managed WordPress hosting site.

Overview of All WPEngine Services

As it is obvious, WP Engine is a fully managed WordPress hosting site, so you do not need to go anywhere else for your WordPress needs, be it website design or applications. Complete requirements are taken care of by them.

A variety of hosting plans are available with WPEngine, these include Personal, Professional, Business and Enterprise level hosting plans. In Personal plan, you can host one WordPress website for $29/month and have up to 25,000 visits on your site per month. As for the Professional plan, you get 10 WordPress installs and 100,000 visits per month for a monthly budget of $99.

A Business plan is where you can have up to 25 WordPress installs for an amount of $249 per month. An Enterprise plan is something that can be customized as per needs for larger number of WordPress site requirements.

Because of its dedicated nature, the WordPress sites load faster when hosted on WP Engine and their performance is always on the higher side as and when compared to the instance of being hosted through other hosting providers. A Hack-proof guarantee is also provided by WP Engine.

Our WP Engine Review

The best thing about WP Engine is its ability to provide speed and security at the same time. If a WordPress site is hosted via WP Engine, it will be fast, vigorous and extra secure. A site hosted on WP Engine is practically hack-proof; all you need to do from your side is provide a strong admin password, the rest will be taken care of by the WP servers. Even if your site gets hacked for some reason, WP Engine will restore it back for you. at no extra cost! What a relief!

Automatic security updates, daily back-ups, automatic caching, one-click restore points, and a lot more are the features that makes WPEngine customers feel even more safe and satisfied. What more can a site owner ask for? Some reviews have indicated to the fact that though their customer support is not available 24X7, the WP Engine team responds faster to queries and are always ready to help you out.

This is actually one of those hosting providers that give you desired results for the amount you pay. Nowhere else would you find such confidence in a hosting company to provide you hosting services with the guarantee that it can be backed up for free if hacked!

The WPEngine servers are extremely robust and can handle loads that may seem impossible to many. A lot of site owners have moved to WP Engine in the past and most of them were satisfied with the changes they got to see. Overall, this company gets a ranking of 4.5 out of 5 possible points for its extremely dedicated hosting services.

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