WP Engine Fall Hosting Sales and Coupons

Details of this WPEngine Sale

From professional corporations to individuals who simply want to share their own content, more and more people are creating and running their own websites. Unfortunately, the process of having your own site can seem quite overwhelming and complicated, particularly for new users. In order to succeed in an increasingly competitive world and get your site seen by the masses, you need to choose a reliable and rapid hosting service plan from a trustworthy provider.

WordPress is one of the leading site creation platforms, and one of the best WordPress hosting services is WP Engine. This company is one of the leading names in the WordPress hosting world and can perfectly suit a variety of sites. To increase the appeal of WP Engine, the provider is currently running a great sale.

This sale will be ongoing until the end of September and offers new customers an incredible 20% discount on a wide variety of hosting plans. To profit from this great deal, you simply need to enter the WPEngine coupon code “FASTSITE” during the signup process before the end of the month.

wpengine coupons logoThis 20% discount can help to save you a good amount of money which could be spent in other ways to improve your site. Every site owner needs to manage their budget carefully and this deal could be a great way for your site to save some money while getting some top quality hosting service. WP Engine offers a wide variety of hosting plans for “Personal”, “Business” and “Professional” users, so there’ll surely be a solution to suit your site.

WP Engine is headquartered in Austin, Texas and has developed a good reputation for offering excellent levels of customer service, guiding users through every step of the WordPress hosting process. The team at WP Engine also work to deal with all of the complicated processes on their end, making their service truly ideal for novice users or site owners who simply don’t have the time to deal with all of the various aspects involved with the upkeep of a website. The company was founded just recently in 2011 but has seen a huge rise in popularity since its inception, rapidly becoming one of the go-to sources for WordPress site owners around the world.

WPEngine Hosting Plans

Now let’s take a closer look at the hosting plans on offer with WP Engine. The provider offers three primary plans, with each one being specifically catered to a different style of user.

First of all, there’s the Personal plan which costs just $29 per month. This is the simplest plan offered by the provider. It comes with an unlimited amount of bandwidth but there is a cap on the number of visits per month, which is set at 25,000 for this particular plan.

Next, there’s the Professional plan which is priced at $99 per month and offers 100,000 visits per month and 10 separate WordPress installations, which are handled entirely by the WP Engine team.

Finally, the Business plan costs $249 per month and comes with 25 installs and a limit of 400,000 visits each month.

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Why Choose WPEngine Hosting?

When choosing a hosting provider, one of the key things you’ll want to be taking into account is the amount of uptime your site will be able to have. Fortunately, WP Engine is so confident in its services that it actually offers a 100% uptime guarantee, refunding 5% of your monthly payment for every hour of downtime you encounter.

Another great feature is that WP Engine has three different data centers spread around the world in Tokyo, London and Texas. This means that you can choose a center close to you, offering the best speeds possible. The provider also works closely with various security organizations to identify and deal with any potential cyber threats, keeping your site as safe and secure as possible.

As previously mentioned, the customer support offered by WP Engine is top class. The provider’s “Support Garage” is on-hand, filled with all of the information you could ever possibly need to effectively manage your hosting plan. A ticketing system is also in place to deal with enquiries or issues, along with a telephone helpline.

The company vows to protect each of its users from any potential cyber-attacks and even offers to fix any problems that might arise as a result of hacking for free. Overall, this is one of the best WordPress hosting solution providers that you can find, with a solid range of plans on offer at great prices. The customer support provided by the team at WP Engine is effective and efficient and their plans all come complete with impressive speeds and reliable service, ensuring that you won’t have to deal with any unwanted periods of time or security breaches.

Thanks to this great sale, there has never been a better time to join up with WP Engine and we can recommend this provider to any WordPress site owner.

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