WiredTree VPS Hosting Review

WiredTree VPS Hosting Our Top Rated VPS Host From 2015

If you’re in need of VPS hosting, one provider you might be considering is WiredTree. This company was founded back in 2006 and has developed a positive reputation for offering great customer service and fantastic server management.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the various features and services offered by WiredTree to help you decide whether or not this provider is the right one for your site. This company is based in Chicago, Illinois and prides itself on offering tailor-made plans to suit every one of its individual users. If that idea appeals to you, then this is certainly a provider to consider.

WiredTree has got plenty of experience in the hosting business and currently provides hybrid, dedicated and VPS hosting, all of which are fully managed by their over-qualified staff. Prices for the VPS plans begin at just $49 per month, with countless options available to help you craft a plan that works for you.

This is one of the big selling points of WiredTree; the provider works with you to build a customized plan, meaning that you can simply pick and choose the features you need, rather than paying for things you’ll never use. Speaking of paying, save up to 30% on any of the services and features we review with our latest WiredTree coupons.

wiredtree managed vps hosting overview

WiredTree VPS Hosting Plan Options

To begin, you can choose between the Pure SSD or SSD-Accelerated plans. The pure version costs a little more but offers better performance. Next, you are able to select the various “a la carte options”, as WiredTree terms them, to add to your plan. These options include all sorts of things including extra disk space, RAM, and IPs.

You can also add on bonus bandwidth or other features like the Softaculous Auto-Installer or WHMCS for prices as low as a single dollar in some cases. This is a great system that really helps each WiredTree customer to feel valued and important. Rather than being forced to subscribe to a pre-made plan that might not work for you, this provider lets you create your own set of options.

wiredtree vps options

Each plan also comes with a selection of free features that will be appreciated by any subscriber. By joining up with WiredTree, you’ll be able to use the intuitive cPanel dashboard system, enjoy the benefits of ServerShield security, and witness the performance and speed of all of the latest technologies.

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WiredTree makes full use of SSD servers to provide lightning fast speeds and can also boast of an incredible uptime rate of 99.992%. Essentially, this means that you’ll never really have to worry about your site going down, which is a big advantage in the increasingly competitive online business world.

Details of Our WiredTree VPS Hosting Review
  • Server and Site Speed
  • Reliability of Servers - Based on Our Experience, Reported Uptime, and Guaranteed Uptime
  • Pricing - Competitive Comarison to Rest of Industry
  • Customer Care - Response Time, Knowledgable Staff, Quality of Response Team


WiredTree has been our top rated VPS hosting company for a half-decade. We have watched them grow from a relative unknown to one of the biggest names in VPS hosting. When it comes to VPS or dedicated hosting, you are spending big bucks to keep the most important aspect of your business healthy.

Therefore, site owners have to know that the company they are hosting with is worthy of their business. WiredTree passes this test in every way. Your site(s) will always be online, fast, and well supported.

WiredTree Customer Service Overview

Another of the company’s top advantages is the focus it places on providing the best customer service possible. With a great uptime rate and carefully managed servers, it’s unlikely that things will ever go wrong with WiredTree, but problems and queries can arise from time to time. It’s therefore important for site owners to know that they can get in touch with someone, should they need any help.

WiredTree boasts of round-the-clock support, with friendly and highly-trained staff ready and waiting to respond to your demands. The company prides itself on offering incredibly fast and efficient customer support. If you have a problem, WiredTree will start dealing with it within just a few minutes, rather than making you wait.

In their attempt to provide the best possible experience for its customers, this provider also offers excellent security options. The WiredTree staff manage each server directly and are always on the lookout for signs of malicious attacks or hacking. They respond to these problems quickly and make use of various techniques like patching and firewalling to keep your site safe. They also offer the excellent ServerShield package which can detect and deal with anything from malware to email spam or viruses.

wiredtree service review - hosting addons

The company even goes one step further in a bid to help its customers enjoy the best experiences and highest levels of success in their online endeavors. They do this by running a regularly updated blog, posting articles and pieces of content to aid their users in making the most of their sites.

This blog can be an invaluable resource to both novice and experienced users, as it is replete with information about different apps, sites and even other hosting providers. WiredTree members are also granted access to plenty of statistics and analytics, letting them keep track of their website traffic and the performance of their server.

Overall, WiredTree is an unparalleled VPS hosting provider that deserves to be the top name in this sector of the hosting industry. The team working at WiredTree is very well-trained and absolutely dedicated to making each and every customer happy. This dedication is evident in the tailor-made plans and rapidly-responding customer service the company has to offer. Past and current users are very happy with this provider, and WiredTree certainly has a bright future if it can continue to offer such good quality service for its growing number of subscribers.

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