WiredTree Coupon

WiredTree is our preferred VPS hosting provider and they have given us exclusive coupon codes this month will save you 40% or more. Simply choose the coupon below that best fits your purchase, copy it to your dashboard, and paste it in at checkout.

50% Off for 3 Months

Save 50% off any WiredTree service for the first 3 months you are with them.


10% off a Hybrid Server

This WiredTree coupon will save WPCaddy visitors 10% on VPS hosting purchases.

Guide to Using Our WiredTree Coupon

wiredtree-coupon-logoSince their inception in 2006, WiredTree has been providing professional class web hosting services to business owners and small site owners all alike. The managed dedicated and VPS servers are all you need to keep your website on the right track and allow a faster and smoother browsing experience to the users.

Take advantage of their rock bottom pricing this June and save an additional 50% on your first 3 months by using our latest WiredTree coupon codes. WiredTree offers enterprise level VPS hosting at a fraction of the price, and our coupons only sweeten the pot.

All you need to do is keep visiting our site regularly because we keep it populated with some of the most recent and perfectly working WiredTree coupons, just for you to avail of the opportunity and enter the world of online business with a bang!

We have all the tensions taken care of; all you need to do is grab a WiredTree coupon from here, go to WiredTree site, sign up for the hosting plan that suits you the best as per expected web traffic, proceed to the check-out page and apply the coupon code in the area specified for it.

The discount will be applied, opening a world of opportunities for you to start your online venture. Just kick-start and get going with the superb quality hosting service that they provide. We are sure you will never be disappointed with their services.


WiredTree Services

WiredTree is most commonly known for its business class, yet affordable web hosting plans that it has in the offering for web designers and webmasters. In order to come up with such great services, they offer three kinds of hosting services that include Managed VPS hosting, Managed Hybrid servers and Managed Dedicated servers.

VPS servers give you the power and flexibility of a dedicated server at much lower cost and there are two options available under VPS servers: SSD Accelerated VPS and Pure SSD VPS. The prices and functionalities vary and there is also the option to deploy A La Carte resources at later times as per requirement.

Hybrid servers are the intermediate quality servers in the available three, where they allow you to have powerful performance and speed at a price range that falls between VPS and Dedicated servers. SSD Accelerated and Pure SSD Hybrid server options are available if you go with this hosting too, also giving you the option to use additional resources (if need arises) by paying a petty amount.

It will be an understatement to say that the managed dedicated servers are the best; because it is not unknown to anyone and their functionalities and qualities are world class. Dedicated servers give you the greatest amount of control and features that you would like to have. WiredTree offers two variants in dedicated server hosting plans; Single CPU Intel Xeon E3/E5 and Dual CPU Intel Xeon E5.


WiredTree Review

According to many online reviews and polls conducted by various sites, it is evident that WiredTree is a pioneer in providing managed Dedicated servers and VPS hosting plans. None of the reviews were even close to criticizing it for any of the flaws; because there were none to talk about. They take full responsibility and provide support for both your server and any functionality or software that comes bundled with it.

Be it a problem with any aspect of your website, or you need help setting up your SSL certificate, or if you are having issues resolving your DNS or nameserver issues, they never turn their backs against you and provide the essential support needed.

It is a known fact that many of the web owners migrate to other web-hosting providers just because their quality is not good and they are not able to provide right guidance and technical support to them when needed; not in the case of WiredTree that takes pride in its round the clock technical and customer support. Their response time is much better than any other hosting provider in the whole world.

The fact that WiredTree is a fully managed system makes the site admins and owners feel relaxed and this has greatly increased the company's customer base over a very short time that it has been in existence. Overall, WiredTree has received an average rating of around four to 4.5 by many customers on a possible scale of five.

WiredTree's Company Background

WiredTree came into existence in 2006 with a view of providing managed server hosting plans to the masses in the web designing community. It has never taken a back turn and has set new standards in the field of managed VPS and dedicated hosting.

It has been into providing top notch hosting solutions to website owners. It has always been the company's aim to provide the customers with feature rich interface, superior hosting environment, improved services and customer support.

Needless to say, it has not failed in its endeavors till date and continues to impress the web designers and site owners by its capability to outperform any other web hosting provider company that has ever existed. All in all, WiredTree is rising at a very fast rate by providing the managed hosting services at the best possible rates and lending any kind of support the customers need.


Our WiredTree Review

The customers made a general practice, which is prevalent on the Internet, to leave reviews about services or products they used. The web hosting customers make no exception. There are a lot of online forums, where all these customers get together and get the chance to exchange views on a particular matter.

When a web hosting company receives a review, thing people evaluate are divided in two categories: the focus and the experience. The focus regards at one hand the overall opinion, followed by features, such as the customer support, the uptime, the speed and the value.

On the other hand, the customer can evaluate their experience with a web hosting provider, any kind of experiences, the good or the bad ones. This is the very reason of these reviews, so that the customers be able to see which qualifies as the best web site provider.

The fact WiredTree offers quality products is reflected in the reviews received. A hosting review web site collected over 54 reviews from social media users, regarding the WiredTree services. Similarly, this site has done the same for other 53 companies.

WiredTree was ranked on the more than honorable sixth position from all the web hosting companies who were under the same evaluation. WiredTree surpassed 85% of the companies in the same branch. 53 of 67 customers state they had a good experience with WiredTree. Only 14 of them were unsatisfied by the company.

WiredTree ratings were much above the average rating for all hosts. This was the case for the overall experience, but also for its specific features as the customer support service or the uptime. So, here's your answer in case you're wondering why people say all these great things about them. WiredTree is a professional web hosting company, providing always the same quality to each customer.

We invite you to go online and search for other people opinion and you will immediately which web hosting company managed to build a trusted reputation amongst current customers.

Overall, the customers’ reviews who have already done that, are available for you to see. For instance, Debra Scott is sending many regards to Chris James from the WiredTree customer support team, in assisting her with her technical issues at a very early morning hour. Steve Brown, another WiredTree customers says the service was so bloody good, he just ordered a second server.

Nina Say is super impressed by the support team as well. Since these reviews are gathered from various social sites, they can't be faked. Behind them are actual people, customers at WiredTree. That means the general opinion expressed by the survey is actually a trusted one.

Also, you can find a testimonial from customers on the WiredTree web site. Justin Faerman, from Conscious Lifestyle Magazine has only good words to say about WiredTree. He uses WiredTree services and recommend them forward with confidence.

From all the features you have to take into consideration when you review a web hosting company, most of all people were impressed by the customer support group. Of course, the company excels in all other features, but everybody asked state that the support was spectacular. We checked this and noticed that indeed the company has a very human, friendly approach.

Most of all, they are extremely professional and good at what they do. We loved the fact their approach was, give us a call just to say hi. Meaning, when they say they will be on the other side of the phone, you will find them there. Pictures of the customer support team are displayed on the web site. So, if you want to see who the person you are talking to is, you can check it instantly.

protected by dmcaOverall, WiredTree is a great experience in any aspect. They provide a full range of web hosting supported services. Their customer team is non-stop reachable, by phone, e-mail, chat, or even fax. You will receive quality, you will get answers to all of your questions, you don't have to worry about anything. They will take care of everything.

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