What is VPS Hosting and Who is it for?

What is VPS Hosting and Who Uses It

VPS hosting is becoming increasingly popular as time goes by, with more and more companies taking advantage of this new service to have more control over their own systems. However, some people are a little confused about the intricacies and benefits offered by this new technology, so today we’ll be taking a closer look at VPS hosting and tell you why it might be the best choice for your own business. There are several different hosting services available nowadays, including shared and dedicated hosting. VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting offers a good compromise between these two forms.

In order to get your website up and running online, you need to have it hosted on a server. VPS hosting works with the use of a virtual server, rather than a dedicated one. The technology behind this hosting service is quite interesting and works in a similar way to virtual machine software programs that allow you to create and run multiple virtualized operating systems on the same personal computer. This sort of virtual technology is becoming more and more popular as it helps users to save a lot of money. Continuing with the example of virtual machine software, you don’t need to invest in several different computers. You can simply make use of a VM program to run them all virtually on one machine.

In a similar fashion, virtual private server hosting works by running multiple virtualized systems on just one real-life server. Each operating system mimics a server, allowing providers to create a huge amount of servers with just one piece of equipment, saving lots of money for both the provider and the user. Since each individual operating system is properly separated and uses its own software, the efficiency and performance levels of every server are not compromised, providing you with the same quality of hosting as you would expect from a regular server.


Difference Between VPS and Dedicated or Shared Hosting

So how does this form of hosting differ from the other popular formats, namely shared and dedicated server hosting plans? Well, when using a dedicated server, you are essentially enjoying ownership of an entire server. This sort of plan is often the most expensive but does come with its own set of benefits. People who purchase dedicated servers often have sites that enjoy huge amounts of traffic and need an entire server to cope with the sheer volume of visitors. Renting your own server also allows you to modify it in specific ways to suit your own needs.

Meanwhile, shared hosting services are designed for users who don’t need a huge amount of hosting support. This might be because their site has only just been started or they simply don’t expect to witness huge volumes of traffic. Shared hosting, therefore, involves one server being divided into various parts. Different users are then able to make use of individual parts of the server, sharing its power between them. VPS hosting fits somewhere in the middle of these two plans; it makes use of the principle of shared hosting by just using one piece of equipment for multiple users but hopes to offer the same sort of power one would expect from dedicated hosting. This type of hosting is perfect for people who would be interested in a dedicated plan but don’t necessarily want to invest too much in the service.


Why Choose VPS Hosting?

Let’s look at some of the big reasons to choose VPS hosting over other plans. First of all, as we have briefly covered above, VPS hosting is generally quite affordable. Dedicated hosting plans can be pretty pricey, but VPS providers are able to offer their services for much lower costs as they don’t need to purchase and maintain huge amounts of equipment. In addition, you also don’t need to worry about any privacy issues when using a VPS hosting plan. Since all of the individual operating systems are completely separate from one another, there is no overlap so you can rest assured that your personal files will be safe.

Another great feature of VPS hosting is the level of control you are granted on a user level. Again, the existence of a self-contained operating system allows you to make use of various applications and programs to fully customize your own virtualized server. You are also able to install new applications or programs and restart your own OS without worrying about interfering with other users. On shared hosting plans, these sorts of things are complicated as everyone shares the same system but VPS gives you much more flexibility and control.

To further expand on this point, you even get your own dedicated RAM with your own system that you can use however you wish. On a shared plan, you have to hope that other users don’t soak up the RAM and compromise the performance of your own site and applications. With VPS hosting, you’ll never have to worry about problems like this occurring. So overall, VPS hosting gives you so much additional control at a great price, making it the perfect option for the majority of site owners.

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