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Complete Review of the Total Theme From WPExplorer

With so many different types of suit out there, each with its own needs and styles, the market for multi-purpose WordPress themes has grown and grown in recent times. More developers are starting to work on versatile themes that can suit any occasion and be modified in incredible ways. One such example is Total, a theme that has already passed the 10,000 sales mark over on Themeforest and comes to us from WPExplorer, a team of developers that have been in the WordPress business for quite some time.

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There are a lot of different multi-purpose themes out there, but Total has some special features that help to set it apart from the competition. Here, we’ll take a look at what this theme has to offer and hopefully give you the information you need to decide whether or not Total is right for your website.

The first thing that most people consider when selecting a theme is its look. Total gets everything right in this department, offering a beautiful and clean look that should suit a wide variety of users. To make this theme even more appealing, virtually everything is customizable. The level of control you have over each individual aspect of your web pages is simply unprecedented. You can insert your own custom backgrounds, design your own headers, and even make use of the theme’s fluid or fixed layouts to streamline the creation process.

Even custom post types come with so many different options, allowing you to create your own designs and styles that are completely unique. Nobody wants to have a site that looks like the rest. In order to succeed, you need designs that stand out from the crowd and Total will allow you to create these unique looks with ease.


Total Theme and the Visual Composer Plugin

The theme also comes with one of the most frequently-used and popular plugins on the WordPress platform: Visual Composer. This is a drag and drop page builder plugin, essentially allowing you to click on individual page elements and place them around the page in any way you see fit. This sort of page builder is especially attractive for novice users or site owners who simply don’t have the time to spend editing lines of code and scrolling through pages of options. With the Visual Composer plugin and the huge array of easy-to-adjust settings available with the Total theme, you can make a great-looking site in mere minutes.

Another big thing everyone has to consider when installing a new theme is the support it offers for plugins. WordPress is all about plugins, with a vast library of tools available to give your site additional functionality and features. You need a theme that works with these plugins so that you won’t be forced to deal with unwanted compatibility errors. Fortunately, Total is fully optimized to work with all of the most popular plugins you could ever hope to use on WordPress.

The list of compatible plugins includes the likes of WooCommerce for buying and selling products and service via your site, the WordPress Multilingual Plugin which can translate your content in a multitude of foreign languages to broaden your site’s exposure, the popular forum discussion plugin bbPress and the leading search engine optimization (SEO) plugin Yoast SEO, which can help to boost your site up the search engine listings.

Not only does the theme support some of the best plugins available, it also offers some of them completely free when you decide to install it. We’ve already mentioned the Visual Composer drag and drop plugin, but Total also comes with the popular Templatera, Layer Slider and Slider Revolution plugins to make your site creation experience easier and more enjoyable than ever before. Templatera gives you control over who can access the pages on your site and will be a welcome addition to many site owner’s libraries.

Meanwhile, Slider Revolution and Layer Slider allow you to create your own slides and even animate them. These plugins offer you whole new layers of customization and normally come with their own price tags, but with Total you’ll get them all for free and that’s a saving that shouldn’t be ignored.

review of total theme features

Review of Custom Post Types

Some other unique features of Total include the huge array of custom post types on offer. You can create your own post types for a wide variety of uses, including support for media files like videos and images. You can also make staff posts to share information about your staff or company, or a testimonials page to display some of the positive experiences you and your customers have shared.

The theme even allows you to design your own footers with an easy-to-use footer builder. No matter what you want to include in your footer, this builder will help you do it quickly and simply. It even comes with plenty of great options like the ability to have an animated footer and fill it with widgets.

Installing and configuring Total shouldn’t pose any problems for the majority of users. Whether you have plenty of years of technical experience behind you or are just looking for a theme that can be up-and-running in minutes, Total will work for you. The theme uses WordPress importer to allow you to check out some sample data to see if the theme works for you ahead of purchase. All of the various customization options are well laid-out and run through the WordPress Theme Customizer.

This means you can check out a preview of the changes you make before you publish them, preventing any mistakes from being made. Overall, this is a very versatile multi-purpose theme that has been designed with a great degree of care and attention. It comes with some fantastic plugins and offers a great degree of flexibility. Total will work on a wide array of sites and is definitely one of the most attractive themes available right now.

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