Top 5 Drag and Drop Page Builder Plugins

Finding the Right Drag and Drop Page Builder

An increasing number of people all around the world are attempting to build their own websites each and every day. For a small percentage of people, the process of creating a website is easy, but for the majority, it can be an overwhelming and complicated process.

If you don’t have much experience working with websites or you simply don’t have the time to adjust countless individual pieces of code, you’ll want to make use of a drag and drop builder.

As their name suggests, these builders allow you to simply drag and drop various parts of your webpages around, making website design as quick and easy as possible. To make use of one of these builders, all you need to do is install a simple Below, we’ll look at the five best plugins for building webpages on WordPress.


  1. 1. WP Beaver Builder

    This is one of the most popular drag and drop builder plugins. It comes with a free and has been designed with novice users in mind, featuring a very easy-to-use drag and drop interface. So if you don’t really know what you’re doing when it comes to building webpages and customizing your layouts, this is the plugin for you.

    It also comes with a huge library of templates for all of your individual pages, making the design process even easier as you can simply pick a base template and make the changes you need in mere seconds.

    Beaver Builder plugin’s layouts are entirely optimized for any device your visitors could possibly use, including smartphones and tablets. This plugin also comes with SEO (search engine optimization), along with WooCommerce support for site owners who want to sell products or services via their webpages. Starting at $99 per year, this plugin offers a great level of value for users of all backgrounds and ability levels.

  2. Drag and Drop Builder by ElegantThemes

    The ElegantThemes developers are known for their creativity and aesthetically pleasing creations. All of their know-how for creating beautiful designs is on display in this theme, which also comes with a much-appreciated level of accessibility for novice users and experts alike.

    page builder from elegant themesThis plugin simply gives you a blank canvas and allows you to drag and drop a variety of modules onto your pages. These modules represent the various elements of your site and can be placed in any position and order you desire, helping you to create designs that are truly unique to give your site an edge.

    The ElegantThemes team also provide regular updates for this plugin, so you won’t have to worry about it going out of date anytime soon. It’s also fully compatible with all of the most popular web browsers, ensuring that your site will be seen by the biggest audience possible.

    It also comes with some great bonus features like a variety of bullet list styles, lightbox images to share your media content and attractive block quote designs for you to place eye-catching testimonial quotations on your pages, ideal for business site owners. This plugin costs just $89 annually.

  3. velocity-page-builder

  4. VelocityPage

    VelocityPage has been designed with speed in mind; this plugin has everything you need to create and customize webpages incredibly quickly. The feature that really sets this plugin apart is its real-time editing; this means that you can move parts of your pages around whenever you feel like it. It also comes with several landing page templates that can be up-and-running in seconds.

    All in all, if you’re short for time or simply don’t want to spend any longer than necessary designing and building your site then this is the plugin for you.

    This plugin comes complete with a catalogue of pre-designed templates that are ready for immediate installation. You’ll also be entitled to regular updates and constant customer support during the entire duration of your subscription period. This plugin even comes with a 30-day guarantee, offering you a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the builder. At the reasonable price of $97 per year, VelocityPage is one of the most effective plugins for busy, professional site owners.

  5. motopress page builder

  6. MotoPress

    MotoPress is filled with plenty of useful features to make your site creation as enjoyable as possible. With so many options, you can easily build your own designs and give your site an edge in mere instants.

    This plugin works with all of the most popular WordPress themes, so you won’t have to worry about dealing with any compatibility issues. It has also been fully optimized to work perfectly on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Therefore, your visitors will always be able to view your site.

    MotoPress comes with a library of elements for you to place all around your pages. Whether you want to add text, buttons, media or more, this plugin will allow you to customize every page the way you want to.

    There’s also a super support service on hand to deal with any problems or queries you might have while using the plugin. Plus, you can enjoy the benefits of regular updates all year long for the very low annual price of $29.

  7. visual composer

  8. Visual Composer

    Finally, we have Visual Composer, one of the most popular builder plugins available on the WordPress platform. This plugin has over 100,000 users, so you can be sure that it will be reliable and effective.

    Like the other plugins on this list, it comes complete with a user-friendly interface, allowing you to drag and drop elements with ease. It is also fully compatible with every single WordPress theme, which is a big advantage for many site owners.

    This plugin also comes with lots of great options along with a good support network, an online knowledge base to handle all of your queries and full optimization for use on mobile devices. It also comes with life-time updates which are entirely free and the package itself is the cheapest on the list at just $28. At that price, you can’t really go wrong with Visual Composer.

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