Themify Review

Is Themify the Best Theme Club on the Market Today?

It’s the big question that every WordPress user has to ask themselves on a regular basis: which theme should I use? With such a huge amount of choice available on the WordPress platform, site owners often feel lost and overwhelmed as they try and find the right theme to suit and sell their site. Unfortunately, this decision is a big one.

Poorly-optimized or ill-fitting themes can easily discourage visitors from returning to your site. If you want to build up a loyal fanbase and keep people coming back for more, you need to be careful with your theme selection. Today, we’ll take a look at a service that might be able to help you: Themify.


What is Themify

Themify isn’t just a single WordPress theme, it’s a whole WordPress club, offering lots of different themes and plugins to its members. You can choose to buy these elements individually, but it makes more sense to sign up for an annual subscription.

That way, you can pick and choose from Themify’s vast and varied library of products, using these themes and plugins to make necessary changes and improvements to your site throughout the duration of your membership. This is also ideal for people who own several sites and want different themes for each of them.

These WordPress clubs are becoming quite popular lately for the good array of options they have to offer. Themify also offers decent value for money, even offering a selection of free themes and plugins to anyone interested in joining.


Weighing Buying a Theme vs Buying a Club Membership

Individual themes can be purchased for $49, while the prices of plugins can vary between approximately $19 and $39. If you use WordPress a lot, these prices shouldn’t really shock you and are neither expensive nor cheap when compared to other theme and plugin providers.

If you want to get the best value for your cash, it’s very wise to invest in a membership. Themify offers four different plans, designed for different types of user. The prices for these plans are very impressive though, with the most basic offering coming in at just $79 per year. This ‘Standard’ plan gives you access to the whole library of Themify themes.

When we remember that a single theme costs $49, it’s easy to see that this subscription is well worth the price of admission. The next step up is the ‘Developer’ plan which gives you access to themes and Photoshop files for $99. The ‘Master’ plan costs $139 and includes plugins, while the ‘Lifetime Master’ plan is $399 but gives you unlimited access to every bit of Themify content.

With each plan comes full customer support from the Themify team, and you can also use the themes and plugins on as many sites as you like. That will prove to be a big advantage for people who own or manage lots of different sites. It’s also good to see that Themify has gone to the trouble of building these different plans to appeal to various types of site owner. The most basic plan might be more than enough for you, but they all provide great value for money.

themify pricing review

Review of Themify Value

We’ve looked at the cost, now let’s talk about what you actually get for your money. Themify themes are very highly-rated, all being powered by the impressive Themify Framework. Each one comes with its own unique advantages, but they all share some common features. For instance, every theme features demo import, which allows you to set your site up just like a demo in mere seconds.

You’ll also be given access to the Themify Builder, a plugin that lets you customize various aspects of your sites with ease. Another advantage of Themify themes is the presence of plenty of helpful shortcodes. To top off the package, every one of these themes is optimized to work with WooCommerce, WordPress core and WPML.

The Themify library can currently boast of 50 individual themes. They all have their own distinct looks and styles, so it won’t be too hard for any user to find a theme to suit their needs. WordPress users can spend hours trawling through pages of mixed quality themes, so it’s much more pleasant to simply browse this relatively small collection of high quality products.

With each theme, you are able to view a demo and learn more about the theme’s unique features and specifications. Some of our favorites include the photography-centric Infinite, the multi-purpose Ultra and the futuristic Stack, but there are lots of great themes on offer.

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Themify Plugins Review

The Themify platform also comes with a great array of plugins. The previously mentioned Themify Builder is a great way for you to design and modify your various pages and layouts. It’s easy to use and comes with lots of great options including custom designs, sliders, galleries, maps and more. No matter what you want to add to your site, the Themify Builder should have an option to help you do it. It even comes with dozens of sleek animations to add a touch of class to any site.

Other handy plugins include the WooCommerce ShopDock, which is a real bonus for anyone who wants to buy and sell products online. You can also benefit from the Post Type Builder plugin that lets you create your own post types in a flash, to really make your site unique. The Tiles plugin allows you to give your site a Windows-style makeover, making use of tiles to display all sorts of content from galleries to videos to maps. The library is filled with many more great plugins, but it would take too long to list them all.

Overall, we certainly recommend that you take a look at what Themify has to offer. Along with the huge array of themes and plugins covered above, the Themify team has also gone to the trouble of producing lots of great guides and video tutorials to help solve any problems you might have along the way.

The whole system is very user-friendly, with reliable email support also being offered for bigger problems. With great support, excellent products and affordable prices, you can’t really go wrong with this particular WordPress club.

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