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Our ThemeFuse Review

themefuse logoWordPress users are constantly faced with that ever-present dilemma: which theme will work best for my site? With an increasingly vast and varied library of themes to choose from, it can be almost overwhelming for the average site owner to make their mind up. What’s more, this is actually a really important decision.

The right theme will optimize your site and bring it to life, encouraging visitors to come back for more and invest in the products and services you have to offer. The wrong theme can easily scare people away and give your site a really unprofessional image. Fortunately, to help people make smarter decisions and not have to trawl through hundreds of pages of themes, WordPress clubs have started to appear, and ThemeFuse is a great example of one such club.

Who is Themefuse?

ThemeFuse is run by a team of talented designers who work to create the very best WordPress themes for a wide range of different users. Whether you’re running a restaurant, business, blog or personal website, there should be something here to fit your requirements. There are a few dozen themes on offer in the ThemeFuse library right now, but that number will surely grow as time goes by.

You can simply choose to purchase a single theme for around $45, or, as this is a WordPress club, you can decide to become a member for $195. That annual fee grants you full access to the whole ThemeFuse catalog. This is the perfect option for people who run multiple sites or like to keep things fresh by changing themes on a regular basis.

themefuse wordpress theme collection

Theme Collection Design Overview

So how do these themes actually look? Well, we can honestly say that ThemeFuse has some really talented designers among its ranks. A theme needs to be effective at showing off the core ideas and content of your site, highlighting the reasons why visitors should stick around and learn more. In this day and age, people will only spend a few seconds on a site before deciding to move on, so you need to grab their attention.

The ThemeFuse themes have been designed with this fact in mind. They are sleek and to-the-point, free of any needless mess or confusing elements. The designers have made use of some great color combinations and simplistic styles that can give your site a professional and modern look. The themes can then be customized with the use of images and other content to help your site stand out further.

There’s also quite a nice range of themes on offer. The team at ThemeFuse is clearly trying to appeal to a very broad audience here, but hasn’t compromised on quality at any point of the development process. If you run a magazine-based site, you’ll find a lot to love here. Businesses and corporate site owners can also use ThemeFuse themes to give their sites an edge. Even individuals running simple photo blogs or text-based portfolios will also be able to benefit from this collection of themes.

themefuse wordpress themes

Then, the ThemeFuse team decided to go one step further by offering a bunch of exclusive themes for more specific niches like restaurants, charities, sport fans, technology enthusiasts and more. It’s really impressive that the club is able to offer its products to such a wide range of people, despite having a relatively small amount of themes to choose from overall.

One of the big factors that a lot of WordPress site owners have to consider when choosing a theme is how easy it will be to use and install. There are a lot of people out there who don’t have the time or technical knowhow to deal with complex options and advanced terminology. Luckily, ThemeFuse has taken special measures to cater to every novice.

Every theme you buy on the site will come with a demo showing you how to install it, along with some demonstrations of different options and styles you might want to use. The company also offers packages that include themes, hosting and even your own domain name to get a site up-and-running with ease. You can also test out any theme for free before making a purchase, allowing you to really see it in action before making your mind up.

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ThemeFuse Club Pricing

So let’s talk prices. As previously mentioned, a single theme can be yours for $45. That money doesn’t just cover the theme though, you’ll also be getting regular updates, full customer support, a license to use the theme on as many domains as you want, and an easy-install option. If you need a little more, you can choose the ‘Developer’ option. This costs $85 and gives you an extra theme, along with support for Photoshop files.

Finally, you can decide to pay the maximum price of $195 for all of the features mentioned above, along with access to every single one of ThemeFuse’s themes. If you think you’re going to be using more than three or four different themes, it’s certainly worth signing up for a membership, as you’ll save money in the long run.

Keep in mind that with each of the options, you can save as much as 30% off the total price with the latest ThemeFuse coupons in this directory. So a single theme's price will drop from $45 to around $30 with our coupon.

Overall, ThemeFuse is a WordPress club that we can recommend. The prices are a little steep compared to some of the competition, but you do get what you pay for. The themes themselves are diverse and very well-designed, while the extra features included with the purchase of each theme really add value to every purchase.

Meanwhile, the club’s customer support and extensive tutorials help to make the experience a lot easier and faster for even the most inexperienced user. If you need some great-looking themes to boost your site’s success levels, you should certainly take a look at ThemeFuse.

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