Tesla Themes Review

What Exactly is a WordPress Theme Club?

It seems that more and more people want to run their own websites. Today's small business owner is no longer handing over the keys to their business's most important asset, and with good reason. Businesses need sites to reach bigger audiences and keep up with their rivals, with individuals enjoy running their own personal blogs to share information with friends and family. All sorts of people are creating their own websites and WordPress remains one of the leading platforms for users of all ages and ability levels.

However, when making your WordPress site, it can be quite difficult to choose the right theme. Each site has different functions and requirements and there are literally thousands of themes to choose from. Some of them are free, others are paid. Some are beautiful and function perfectly on all devices while others have bizarre designs and suffer from technical flaws.

A recent trend in the WordPress world is the development of theme clubs. These clubs involve subscription fees and allow you to choose from a wide array of themes as long as you have an active subscription. From our personal favorite, Array Themes to Elegant Themes, these clubs have become very popular lately as they offer a lot of value. Instead of buying just one theme and being forced to buy a new one in the future, the clubs allow you to have access to a good variety of options for a reasonable price. One of the clubs you might consider subscribing to is Tesla Themes. Clearly, you need to make the best decision for your site when selecting a theme, so today we’ll take a look at the options on offer at Tesla Themes to discover whether or not this is a club worth joining.

tesla wordpress theme collection

Who is Tesla Themes?

The Tesla theme foundry is a relatively small one, offering just under twenty different themes for now, but their subscription prices are very attractive and the themes they have to offer are generally of very good quality. For new or inexperienced users in particular, it can be almost overwhelming to install a new theme. The process can be filled with confusing language and excessively complex options that don’t seem to make any sense. Fortunately, the Tesla theme selection is filled with simple templates that can be installed in mere minutes. Nobody wants to spend hours going through cluttered menus to adjust every little detail of their site, and this is something that the Tesla foundry realized.

There isn’t a huge range of options on offer with these themes, but all of the core features are there. Changing the main elements of your site like favicons and fonts is a breeze while various parts of webpages like headers and backgrounds can also be modified quickly and easily. You might need a bit of experience with CSS to get into the more advanced options, but you can get your site up-and-running very quickly with these themes. This might be a deterrent to the sort of user who wants to customize every single bit of code imaginable, but the majority of site owners will appreciate the simplicity offered by Tesla.

tesla wordpress themes pricing

Tesla Theme Performance Review

So how do the themes actually look? Well, the aesthetics of a theme are always difficult to judge as everyone will have their own opinion, but it’s hard to argue against these themes looking great. The Tesla themes offer simple and clean designs that are well-suited to a variety of site styles. Colors and text can be adjusted to make your own version of the theme stand out from the crowd and you can use plugins to make your site more attractive if you feel the need, but overall these themes are very nice-looking. The site also offers a good selection of layouts to suit every type of owner, from business professionals to photo blogs or e-commerce sites. There are even specific themes for weddings and medical establishments.

All of these themes are fully responsive too, which means they will work perfectly on all of the different devices people might use to access your site like smartphones or tablets. Each theme also comes with some customized post types that can be helpful for sites with very specific styles. It can be a little tricky to actually browse find these post types on your admin panel, but this isn’t a major issue by any means. In fact, all of the Tesla themes function more or less flawlessly, so you won’t need to worry about encountering any difficulties. Even if you do have any issues, the themes come with plenty of helpful guides and a customer support forum does exist where friendly staff are on hand to help you overcome any obstacles.

Overall, it’s clear to see that the Tesla foundry is one to keep an eye on. The themes they have to offer are clean and simple, perfectly designed for users who don’t want to waste time trawling through options and dealing with complicated menus. If you want some functional themes that look good for a great price, then you don’t need to look any further. The foundry is still in its infancy, so you won’t be getting hundreds of themes and round-the-clock customer service just yet, but for the price you pay, the Tesla themes offer an unbelievable level of value.

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