SiteGround Improves Detailed Account Statistics

It’s always helpful to have an in-depth set of statistics to consult when managing your own website. The more information you have, the easier it is to solve problems, make improvements and find out the advantages and disadvantages of your site. Fortunately for SiteGround users, a whole set of detailed account statistics are available for users to discover and analyze. This library of information about your account usage will prove invaluable to users of all experience levels and will help to make websites better optimized and less prone to problems than ever before. All of these account statistics are accessible on a single page right now.

Previously, SiteGround users could access this sort of information, but it was hidden away via a myriad of sources. It took quite a bit of navigation and know-how for users to ever really discover these statistics, so many never even realized that they existed. Now, thanks to the improvements made by the SiteGround system, all of this vital information is at your fingertips.

These account statistics are available for users of shared plans and will allow you to really monitor and track every aspect of your site. You can, for instance, discover not only the amount of traffic your site is getting, but also the sources of this traffic to really analyze your search engine rankings, marketing strategies and more. You can even discover the difference between genuine visitors to your site and spammers, as traditional traffic statistics can sometimes be misleading.

So where can you find these detailed account statistics? Well, it’s much simpler than ever before. All you’ll need to do is access your cPanel and take a look on the left hand side for a button labelled “Detailed Stats”. You can simply click on this handy button to be automatically directed to a new page, containing all of your account information, neatly organized in a two-tab layout. You can scroll between these tabs and each one of them will be filled with all of the information you could ever possibly need to have in regard to your account and the various domains you make use of.

SiteGround has to be commended for creating such a simple system that should allow even the most inexperienced users to easily access these important stats. Even advanced users will appreciate the ease with which the stats are viewable.

Functions Within Detailed Account Statistics

Now let’s take a more in-depth look at the two different tabs that are available for you to view. The first one is labelled “Account Executions and Scripts Stats” and is basically all about your account. On this primary tab, you can easily access all of the information about your account, regardless of the number of domains you are making use of. The page shows a graph that charts your CPU usage and account executions. In addition, you can easily view the ten most popular scripts on your account. This information is important as it allows you to see which scripts you really make use of most often and which ones might not be necessary.

It’s important to remember that there are hit limitations for your account and, if certain scripts are being hit too often, problems can be caused once those limitations are being breached. These stats allow you to easily identify any problematic scripts. These might come in the form of plugins or themes or something else entirely, but the account stats page will easily help you identify a problem and remedy it, without having to search around for hours to try and troubleshoot your site.


Quickly Track Basic Site Data... From Your SiteGround cPanel

The secondary tab on the detailed stats section of your cPanel is called “Domain Hit Stats” and, as you would expect, groups together the information regarding the various domain names you have tied to your account. With a lot of SiteGround users enjoying the benefits of bigger plans with plenty of different domain names, the information on this tab can prove to be invaluable. It basically allows you to look across all of your different domains to compare the ways in which each of them are performing. On this tab, your various domains are sorted by hits and can be easily filtered, allowing you to find the information you need at the click of a button.

When you choose to investigate a specific domain, you’ll be given some additional information including the “Page URL”, which shows the top ten most popular pages on the chosen domain. This is especially useful as you can identify the parts of your sites that have to deal with lots of traffic and take necessary measures to support them. You can also view the various IP addresses of your site visitors to discover if you might be being spammed. Finally, you can sort through the user agents which visit your site often to help with security issues. Overall, these two tabs give you all the information you need to keep your sites secure and optimized.

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