SiteGround Cloud VPS Hosting Review

An increasing number of individuals and businesses are looking into the benefits of having their own VPS (Virtual Private Server), but there are a lot of different hosts available and the choice between them can be a difficult one. Today we’ll take a look at SiteGround’s Cloud/VPS Hosting system and discuss the advantages it offers, helping you to make the right choice when it comes to selecting your own VPS provider. The services offered by SiteGround are tailor-made for users of all experience levels and run very quickly, making them a top choice. Let’s look in greater detail at SiteGround’s cloud hosting.

Versatile VPS Hosting from SiteGround

SiteGround is a very popular web hosting provider, offering things like WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting and various other reliable and rapid services. The provider recently decided to shake things up with their VPS hosting offerings, introducing exciting new features that make their hosting even better than before. Four different preset plans are on offer at SiteGround, but users are given the option to pick and choose from the various features available. Specifically, you can select how much RAM, SSD storage and how many CPU cores you require.


This is a great thing for SiteGround to offer as it allows individuals to create a package that suits their needs, rather than making sacrifices or purchasing plans that exceed their requirements. Naturally, the price of the plan will go up or down depending on whether you add or subtract various elements. This means you can save a bit of money by cutting down on something you don’t necessarily need, or boost an individual part of your plan for a much lower amount than upgrading to the next preset. It’s a good system that makes for satisfied customers who don’t feel that they are paying for anything they don’t need.

When it comes to the Cloud, SiteGround offers the option to auto-scale your limits when certain criteria are met. So, if your site suddenly receives a boost in popularity and your traffic levels rise, the settings will adjust to suit this change and you won’t have to worry about unnecessary downtime or making the individual modifications yourself.

All of this is very easy to set up and SiteGround offers a good range of options so that, once again, you can make a plan that really suits you and your site. Plans can be modified every single month and you’ll only pay for additional settings if they need to activate.

Now let’s talk about HHVM, as this is something that really separates SiteGround’s cloud hosting from the competition. HHVM is a new technology that involves a new approach to PHP scripts which effectively makes sites work much more quickly. Sites are rapidly adopting this technology for the huge speed boosts it offers, but very few hosting companies are actually offering it. However, SiteGround is one of the few sites that does fortunately offer this service on its Cloud and will definitely provide a huge bump in rapidity for the average site, making the browsing experience much more enjoyable for users.


SiteGround VPS Hosting Plans

One of SiteGround’s most popular hosting plans is known as the “GoGeek” plan, and SiteGround has incorporated all of the popular features from this plan into its VPS hosting offerings. This means that people who use their VPS hosting services will receive access to the incredibly useful WordPress and Joomla toolkits. If you’re using one of these providers for your site, these toolkits will help to streamline your entire website and make countless processes much simpler. In addition, users will be able to enjoy the power of the SiteGround SuperCacher, which is a very helpful and unique feature which helps to make everything run much more smoothly and quickly. By caching to RAM, the SuperCacher works even more quickly than SSD hosting.

Other great features you can enjoy on the Cloud Hosting plans with SiteGround include the Cloudflare Railgun. What this does is to cache things that previously could not be cached. Certain sites are poorly optimized for caching but this feature can cache anything, boosting speeds even further. Members can also enjoy a range of great developer features like Site Staging, Drush integration and Git integration, all of which allow advanced users to have total control over their sites. Users also get access to the widely-acclaimed cPanel and WHM systems for additional site management.


Overall, it’s simply impossible not to recommend SiteGround’s Cloud Hosting services. The provider is making use of all the latest technologies, along with some innovative developments of their own, to offer the perfect VPS experience for every user. Customers will be more than satisfied with the reliability and rapidity of the services on offer. The support offered by the friendly and helpful staff at SiteGround sweetens the deal even further and users should have no trouble enjoying all of the benefits of this system.

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