SiteGround Adds New Free Website Builder and Datacenter

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There are many different web hosting providers popping up all around the internet in response to the rapid rise of website owners. If you own a site, choosing the right provider is always a very important decision to make. SiteGround is an increasingly popular web hosting provider that offers a huge range of services and plans.

Whether you need managed WordPress hosting, cloud-based plans, reseller hosting, Joomla hosting or something else, SiteGround should be able to fulfill your requirements. The provider is also able to boast of round-the-clock customer support, free domain names, excellent uptime rates and many other features that are helping SiteGround to become one of the best providers in the business.

siteground upgrades for 2016

SiteGround has recently been on a roll with some massive updates and upgrades to their servers and services. Once again they have made some great improvements in a bid to attract even more attention and customers for the new year. These changes include the introduction of an effective and entirely free website builder, along with the addition of another datacenter specially designed for customers based in Europe.

The website builder will be a very welcome addition for site owners who struggle with other builders or want to try something new, while the datacenter will help to provide faster speeds and better overall performance for many of SiteGround’s customers. Today, we’ll take a closer look at these two new changes.

First Look at SiteGround's New Website Builder

Let’s begin with the website builder. SiteGround prides itself on working together with a variety of content management systems (CMS) like Joomla, Magento and WordPress. These platforms all offer their own website building software and systems, but some users simply struggle to understand all of the aspects and intricacies of these different site builders.

A lot of site owners in today's web have little technical experience, or simply don’t have enough time to spend hours modifying webpages and trawling through reams of menus and options. Still, web design is very important. If your site doesn’t have the right style or is poorly-optimized, its performance may suffer as a result. When a site doesn’t perform well, visitors are more likely to avoid the site and take their business elsewhere.

siteground shared hosting control panel

Using Weebly as a Drag and Drop Website Builder

It’s therefore clear to see that site owners need to take the time to make a great-looking site that also performs strongly. SiteGround have provided the tools to make this happen in the form of the new website builder: Weebly. This builder uses a drag and drop system which is particularly easy for novice users to understand. To build a site or modify a page, all you’ll need to do is click on individual objects and drag them around the page.

Any individual element from a picture to a video to a block of text can be moved around with ease and rapidity. The new site builder is already available to every single SiteGround customer. All you need to know is log into your account and head to the “Sitebuilder” tab to get started.

In addition to the new site builder, SiteGround now also features a range of premade and fully responsive themes to install on your site. Nowadays, people are relying more and more on devices like smartphones and tablets to access the internet. It’s therefore vital that your site has the technology and optimization necessary to adapt to different devices and screen sizes.

With this theme, you can rest assured that your visitors will never have any trouble accessing your site. This can be very important for businesses and contribute to a big number of sales. Speaking of sales, SiteGround has also added a great eCommerce solution to help people who want to buy and sell via their site. This new solution provides security and speed for all of your online transactions.


SiteGround Adds London Datacenter

Now let’s look at the latest addition to SiteGround’s collection of datacenters. The new center is already live and located in the city of London, a global hub of business and technology. The best providers go to great lengths to ensure that they are able to offer a range of datacenters to their customers and SiteGround is no different. The company already had one European datacenter, located in Amsterdam, but has now taken things one step further with the new London center.


The addition of this center will help to provide better speeds and more reliable performance for all of SiteGround’s users. Customers in the UK will particularly benefit from this datacenter as it will be very closely located to their businesses, but people all around the world can enjoy the positive aspects of this new center. If your site receives plenty of traffic from the UK, for example, then the performance of your site will now be improved.

The London datacenter will work with all of the provider’s shared and cloud-based hosting services, with plans already in place to offer dedicated servers from this location as well. This new datacenter, along with the website builder and other great changes all help to show that SiteGround will not stop innovating and enhancing its services.

If you are in need of a new host, we urge you to give SiteGround a look. Compare them with other hosts in our hosting reviews section, and compare their pricing with competitors in our coupons section.

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