Should I Choose Shared or VPS Hosting?

Deciding between VPS and shared hosting for your website

Owning a website has become a necessity for most businesses while plenty of individuals are enjoying the advantages of running their own site as well. The world is becoming increasingly connected and, in order to keep up with the fast pace of life, having a website is vital. Unfortunately, creating a site can be a difficult and overwhelming task, wrought with confusing terminology and difficult decisions.

When it comes to hosting, there are so many different providers, services and styles of plans available that many site owners are left scratching their heads. One common query that many people have to ask themselves is whether to choose shared or VPS hosting for their site. Fortunately, we’re here to help with an article that looks at the advantages and features of each type of plan.

How does VPS hosting compare to shared hosting?

Let’s start with an in-depth look at shared hosting. Shared plans are the entry point for web hosting solutions, perfectly suited for smaller businesses and individual site owners. If you want to spend the lowest amount of money then a shared plan will be right for you. How do shared plans work? Well, as the name suggests, a shared plan involves multiple users enjoying the benefits of one server.

Naturally, the disadvantages of such a plan are easy to imagine. When you share a single server with multiple users, all of whom have different needs, problems can easily occur. If one of the sites on your server is taking up a huge amount of memory, then your site (and all the other users sharing the server) will suffer as a result. Similarly, if one site becomes compromised due to a malicious attack, other sites on the server may be affected.

On the positive side, shared plans are very cheap and, when everything works properly, they are perfectly reliable and can provide your site with the support it needs. A lot of companies simply don’t have the funds to invest in dedicated servers of their own. Such servers can cost hundreds of dollars each month whereas a shared plan can be found in the region of $5/month.

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What makes VPS an ideal alternative to dedicated hosting?

However, this is where VPS hosting becomes such an attractive solution as it essentially offers a compromise between shared plans and dedicated plans. A reliable VPS plan can be yours for around $25 each month, which is a very reasonable price for the quality of service provided and the additional benefits on offer when compared to a shared plan.

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. As the name suggests, this form of hosting involves the creation of a virtual server. At a base level, the principle idea behind VPS hosting is very similar to shared hosting; multiple users share the benefits of one physical machine. However, everyone gets their own virtual server which is completely separate and entirely uninfluenced by the activity of others.

This means you’re basically getting the sort of service you’d expect from a dedicated plan for a much lower price. As we’ve seen, the trouble with shared plans is that one user can essentially hog all of the resources and cause the others to suffer. With VPS, this simply isn’t possible. Everyone gets given their own set of memory and resources to enjoy.

Other benefits of VPS plans include the fact that you can always upgrade to give yourself extra memory whenever you need it. As your site grows and your volume of traffic also rises, you’ll appreciate being able to easily upgrade your hosting plan at the click of a button, rather than worrying about other users on your server taking up the resources you need.

Security with VPS hosting

Finally, VPS plans offer much greater levels of security. With shared plans, you’re always at risk of having your site harmed by an attack on another user of your server. On VPS systems, this isn’t possible. You’ll never have to worry about other users compromising your site, you only need to occupy yourself with your own set of security protocols and software.

So, if you’re still asking yourself whether or not you should choose VPS hosting over shared hosting then the answer should be rather obvious. There is most definitely a market for shared hosting, but it’s very much designed for the smallest of businesses and individual users running blogs and private sites. For any business that wants to be taken seriously and have a reliable site, VPS hosting is the way to go.

Naturally, for the biggest sites out there, dedicated servers might be the best answer of all, but VPS is the ideal compromise for the majority of site owners. A VPS plan offers you a taste of the security, performance and flexibility that comes with having your own server for a fraction of the price. Overall, VPS hosting has so many advantages to offer which all help to make it the best option for your website’s needs.

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