Shopify for WordPress Review

Shopify for WordPress Review

For a long time now, WordPress users have been rather limited in their options when it comes to e-commerce. WooCommerce has held a monopoly over the market for many years, while a few other brands and plugins have their own sets of followers. Unfortunately, a lot of these plugins and services end up costing quite a lot of money to use.

Extra add-ons almost inevitably need to be purchased to access the full functionality of the service and get the most from your online business. In addition, these plugins and add-ons can sometimes be confusing and time-consuming, especially for novice users or people who simply don’t have the time to spend trawling through menus and configuring dozens of settings. Fortunately, services like Shopify exist to help keep things simple.

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Existing Customer Shopify Reviews

Shopify is currently rated as one of the most popular e-commerce solutions on the internet. More than 250,000 websites are making use of this service and that number is growing by the day. In recent times, the Shopify name has become synonymous with simplicity and, perhaps more importantly, affordability.

You won’t have to empty your bank account to make use of Shopify, and this service doesn’t force users to buy dozens of extra add-ons and tools either. Well, a Shopify e-commerce plugin has now arrived on the WordPress platform and is surely about to boost the brand’s popularity higher than ever before. The main idea of Shopify is all about simplicity, so if that word appeals to you then this is certainly a service worth checking out.

What’s most impressive is that the simplicity of the service comes at no real cost to the user. Shopify hasn’t made any compromises or sacrifices here; this service still comes complete with all of the features and options you could ever hope to find in an e-commerce solution.

Whether you want to make your own online store, sell products via social media networks or even boost your own real-life store, this plugin can make it happen. To top it all off, the whole thing has been designed with such care and attention to detail that almost anyone can use it with ease. You won’t need to spend hours getting acquainted with the various menus and systems. Instead, you can up-and-running with Shopify in no time.

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Using the Shopify WordPress Plugin

The setup process really is incredibly straightforward. As a WordPress user, you’ll simply need to head over and install the plugin. At that point, a new tab labelled “Shopify” will appear on your regular WordPress dashboard. From this tab, you can access all of the functions and features of this great service.

You can, for example, develop your own Buy Buttons to add to various posts and pages. Visitors to your site can then click on these buttons and instantly be able to purchase the products associated with your Shopify account. Naturally, you do need to make your own account with the service, but this is a simple and rapid process.

The whole thing works really well and is very intuitive. Everything is perfectly labelled and easy to understand. You can add products to your store in mere minutes, entering your own descriptions, images, captions and more. You can even add different tags to help with SEO ratings, along with marking your products into specific categories and styles. In addition, Shopify doesn’t impose any sort of limit on your store.

You can add as many products as you like and they’ll all be hosted on the Shopify servers. Those servers are fully secure and very reliable, so you don’t even need to have any concerns about the store going down or performing slowly. What’s even more appealing is that Shopify deals with everything for you. The service has its own systems already in place for customer accounts, refunds and returns, payment security and more, so you can focus on selling your products and the other things that really matter.

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What About Existing Shopify Customers?

You might even already have a Shopify account, in which case it’s even easier to link things up with your WordPress site and boost your sales. Instead of having to post links all around your site and send people over to your Shopify store, you can simply make use of this plugin to show off all of your products and prices directly from your WordPress site.

It works seamlessly and can really boost the exposure of your products. It’s taken a while to get this sort of functionality for the WordPress platform, but we’re very glad to see it finally arrive. By combining the incredible level of control that WordPress offers with the super functionality and ease-of-use provided by Shopify, you can truly enhance the effectiveness of your online store. If you’re interested in selling goods or services via the internet, this is a great way to go about it.

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