How to Remove Comments from Your Entire WordPress Website in Minutes

Guide to Remove Comments from Your WordPress Website

If you’re looking for ways to completely remove comments from your WordPress site, you’re in the right place. This article will give you all the information you need to make the change. There are many different reasons why you might want to cut out comments, and we’ll be looking at some of those reasons here today. Disabling comments for static pages and individual posts is easy enough, but this article will show you to completely remove all comments from the entirety of your WP site.

Why Some Websites Don't Need Comments

Before we talk about the method, let’s look at the reasons why you might want to get rid of comments. On the one hand, comments can be a great way to build up a community on your site. The ability to leave comments and share opinions often encourages people to spend more time on a webpage and return to it in the future. For blogs or news sites, this sort of feature is almost vital.

In the modern world, people like to have their voices heard and to feel like they can have their say on things that matter to them. Therefore, comments can be a great advantage for a site. So why would you want to remove them?

Well, not every site is designed to encourage discussion. A huge number of WP sites are run by small business owners who simply want to share information about their company and sell products or services. For these sorts of sites, a comment section would be completely superfluous.

Sites like this rarely even have blogs or “social” sections at all, being mostly comprised of static pages. At the same time, there are certain styles of blog or media site that simply choose to keep the comments turned off. Comment sections can often get filled up with spam and anger, so some site owners choose to disable this feature and encourage discussions in different ways.

Maybe your content simply isn’t the sort of thing that can be commented upon, in the traditional sense. Maybe you want to avoid arguments and haters. Maybe you just want to share your content without worrying about what everyone is going to say about it. Either way, there are many valid reasons for getting rid of comments.

The trouble is that, while WordPress does make it relatively easy to disable comments for individual pages and posts, it can be a bit of a hassle to keep on doing this every time you want to post something new. Fortunately, it is possible to fully disable WordPress comments with just a few clicks.


Steps to Remove Comments on WordPress

So how is it done? Well, the first step is to download a plugin called Disable Comments. It’s pretty self-explanatory; this plugin works to simply turn off the commenting system across your whole site. If you run a WordPress site, downloading and installing a plugin should be second nature to you, so we won’t worry about explaining how to do that.

Once the plugin has been installed and activated, you’ll want to head to the Settings tab, and then click on the Disable Comments page to start configuring your new plugin.

This page is split into two distinct, clearly-marked options. We have the “Everywhere” option, which globally deactivates comments for your entire site. Then, we have the “On certain post types” option, which allows you to be a little more selective, offering the ability to disable comments for individual posts, pages or media. If you want to disable comments entirely, click on the first option and save your changes.

It’s as simple as that. You can go ahead and visit your site to see the plugin’s magic in action. The great thing is that you don’t need to waste any time going through pre-existing comments and deleting them, because the plugin makes all comments disappear, including the ones that had already been posted. Any mention of comments will be entirely removed from your site and dashboard.

So that’s how you get rid of comments, but this doesn’t work flawlessly with every single theme. With so many different themes out there, all optimized in different ways, we can’t expect plugins like Disable Comments to always work without a single hitch.


Removing Comments Without Installing a Plugin

In some cases, pre-existing comments may remain, even after clicking to remove them. In addition, some themes may display a “Comments are closed” message that you probably don’t want to see. So how do we get rid of these things? Well, a simple thing to try is to contact the theme’s creator and see if they can either fix the issue or tell you how to get around it.

Otherwise, you can fix the problem manually. Connect to your site using the FTP Client or File Manager via cPanel, then find your theme folder which should be under the following directory: wp-content/themes/folder. Here, you should be able to see a file called “comments.php” and you’ll want to rename that to “comments_old.php”.

The next step is to right click and choose “Create new file” in the FTP Client and name this file “comments.php”. Click OK and then you should be done. Basically, this trick takes the old comments out of the equation and replaces that file with a blank template, meaning that your site should then update to remove all traces of the pre-existing comment system. We hope that this article answers your questions on how to remove comments from a WP site.

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