Product Spotlight: GreenGreeks Reseller Hosting Review

GreenGeeks Reseller Hosting Review

GreenGreeks is a unique web hosting service with a strong focus on green energy. One of the unique selling points of this service is that they manage to generate three times the energy usage of every website they host in renewable energy. Essentially, for each unit of power they consume, they purchase three units of renewable energy in the form of wind credits. With ecological matters becoming more and more important, this sort of dedication to environmental protection has attracted many businesses into using GreenGreeks reseller hosting plans.

GreenGeeks Reseller Review
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Over the course of running three different design agencies, I have extensive experience with reseller hosting. While HostNine took home our preferred reseller partner this year, I think that GreenGeeks is right on their heels. With 5 SSD-powered plans to choose from, GreenGeeks has a plan for you whether you are hosting 5 websites or 5,000. Beyond just the 5 plans, they allow you to resell all of their services to your clients and share the profits generously with you.

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greengeeks-logoDepending on your specific hosting requirements, GreenGeeks offers a whole array of plans at different prices. These various plans, all named in a suitably “green” fashion with titles like “Seed” and “Tree”, offer varying amounts of web space of bandwidth to cater for users with a wide variety of hosting needs. Smaller businesses will not necessarily need to use 200 GB of storage space, for instance, and so could opt for one of the smaller plans. The most popular plan, known as “Sprout”, offers users 80 GB of SSD web space with 800 GB of premium bandwidth. This plan is charged at $24.95 per month. A cheaper option is available at $19.95 per month, while the most expensive plan comes in at $99.95 per month and offers 2,000 GB of premium bandwidth. Keep in mind that with all of their pricing, we have GreenGeeks coupon codes that will save you an additional set percentage or amount off your purchase.


To entice users into taking advantage of these reseller hosting plans, GreenGeeks offer plenty of benefits and unique features in an attempt to help their services stand out from the rest. One example is the fact that the GreenGeeks reseller hosting platform is entirely white label, which means that no logos or disclaimers mentioning the GreenGeeks brand name will appear anywhere on your site. Rival reseller hosting services often insist on advertising their brand via their clients’ web pages, but GreenGeeks has realized that this sort of interference can be off-putting for many users. Businesses and individuals can therefore enjoy the freedom to use their own logos without the fear of their own users and customers becoming confused.

Site Tools and Site Mover from GreenGeeks

Some users will already have their own websites hosted by other providers and may therefore feel discouraged by potentially lengthy and expensive migration procedures. Fortunately, GreenGeeks offers a completely free migration service; they will handle the entire migration process on your behalf, helping your existing content and customers to safely adapt to the new hosting platform. To give new users some peace of mind, GreenGeeks can also boast of an impressive 99.9% service uptime; in terms of network support, GreenGeeks make use of the latest and greatest technology to ensure that the websites they host experience minimal amounts of downtime.

Some people are discouraged into creating their own website since the process can often appear to be so complicated. Fortunately, GreenGeeks provides all of the tools necessary to build your own site quickly and easily. The service makes use of RV Site Builder, a service which normally cost $12 per month but is offered completely free for GreenGeeks users, to allow even those with no website creation experience whatsoever to easily build a good-looking and fully functional site. The RV Site Builder offers a myriad of templates to choose from, allowing each user to choose a site style that really suits their needs and services. To make the deal even more enticing, GreenGeeks allows you to offer a whole library of apps to your users via the Softaculous service. This is an easy-to-use program that makes many useful apps instantly available to your users.

green hosting from greengeeks

GreenGeeks even offers you the ability to offer their services and features to your own customers. Useful features like e-mail accounts and databases can easily be provided, making your site even more functional and attractive to new customers. All of these features can be turned on and off with ease thanks to the intuitive user interface offered by the hosting platform. You will even be able to offer individual domain names to your customers thanks to the free addition of an eNom domain reseller account in every GreenGeeks reseller hosting package. This account allows you to easily manage individual domain names and register new ones, all from one place.

Another one of the great things about the GreenGeeks reseller hosting service is that you can test it out without any financial obligations. The site offers a 30 day money back guarantee, allowing users to try out the hosting service and decide whether or not it suits their needs. This sort of promotion demonstrates the confidence that the GreenGeeks’ team clearly has in their services and should help new users feel as though they are in safe hands. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the service that has been provided, a refund can easily be requested. However, with all of the great features offered by GreenGeeks, along with their constantly-manned customer support service, users should be quite happy with their experiences on this hosting platform.

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