Popular WordPress Gallery Plugin Reviews

Find the Right Gallery Plugin for Your Website

If you want to attract visitors to your WordPress site and turn them into loyal followers, aesthetics are important. Attractive and appealing images are absolutely vital to give your site a great look and help it stand out from the crowd.

There’s a lot of competition online nowadays, so you should be making full use of visual content to get people interested in your site and allow you to promote your various services and products. Images can be used for many things, whether it be sharing a message or helping visitors learn more about your business, blog, or personality.

If you’re running a WordPress site, you should definitely be making use of a gallery plugin to really showcase your images in an appealing and modern way. Today we’ll be going through some of the best plugins that the platform has to offer.

Foo Gallery

Foo Gallery is an exciting and inventive gallery plugin that really helps your pictures stand out via the use of lightboxes. This plugin is easy to install and setup and was developed by an experienced team. It’s also fully responsive, ensuring that your galleries will be easily visible on any device imaginable. Foo Gallery comes with lots of great options too, including a drag and drop system, shortcodes, a powerful import tool and plenty of templates. You can also customize this plugin with various extensions, although they may interfere with performance.

NextGEN Gallery

This is one of the most popular gallery plugins on the WordPress platform with over 14 million downloads in total. It’s very easy to use and is also fully responsive. It has a lot of different styles to choose from and offers plenty of customization options too. This way, you can really make your galleries unique and help your site stand out.

Lazyest Gallery Plugin

Lazyest is a popular and highly-rated gallery plugin that is perfect for people who want to make use of galleries but don’t have too much space on their webpages. It allows you to fit your images neatly into your existing layouts, offering a good array of features and customization options too.

grand flagallery

Grand Flagallery

This plugin really stands out from the rest for the sheer myriad of features it has to offer. Grand Flagallery comes with 3D skins, an mp3 player, video player, parallax scrolling, the Nivo slider and more. It’s a really great option for owners who like to try new things, and it is equally well-suited to people with limited technical experience as you can get this plugin up-and-running in mere moments.

Envira Gallery

This is one of the best-rated options on the WordPress platform, with the developers claiming that Envira is the “easiest, fastest and most efficient” plugin on the market. It’s certainly easy to use as you can make new galleries in an instant. It also works very well without any noticeable slowdown. If you want even more features, a pro version of this plugin is available.

Photo Gallery

This plugin might seem complicated at first, but it is actually quite easy to understand. With a little bit of time, you can be making great-looking galleries that will bring your sight to life. This plugin also has a myriad of options from responsive design to YouTube implementation, slideshows, templates, widgets and more. Both free and pro versions are available for download.

WP Photo Album Plus

wp photo album plus pluginWP Photo Album Plus is a reliable and easy-to-use plugin. It allows you to create great-looking slideshows and customize each aspect of them. You can change the order of your images and the size of them too. You can even include video content in your galleries. It comes with some super features too like a comment form, rating system, easy file downloads and support for many languages.

Responsive Photo Gallery

Built using the Bootstrap framework, this gallery plugin is reliable and rapid. Responsive Photo Gallery helps you make impressive slideshows that can feature as many photos as you desire. This plugin is also fully responsive, so you won’t need to worry about users on different devices being unable to see your content. This plugin also has many bonus features to offer like fade animations, a clever dashboard, Font Awesome icons and a variety of useful gallery options.

Gmedia Gallery

This plugin is more than just a gallery plugin, it works with almost any form of media imaginable. You can use this plugin to put music, videos or great-looking slideshows all over your various webpages. The customization offered by Gmedia Gallery is almost limitless, so you can really give your site a look that is entirely unique.

Photospace Gallery

This app is rated with four and a half stars by WordPress users, so you know it must work well. Photospace Gallery offers lots of functionality to help you create galleries as quickly as possible. You can use the simple drag and drop system to make slideshows in minutes and use the customization options on offer to add captions and more. Overall, Photospace does everything you could ask of a gallery plugin.

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