Our Top 10 Rated Shared Hosting Providers Heading into 2016

Top 10 Rated Shared Hosting Providers Heading Into 2016

In the modern world, it’s almost impossible for a business to be successful without a website. Everyone is online, using an increasingly large number of devices from smartphones to tablets to access the internet and discover new products and services to invest in.

You can take advantage of this phenomenon to spread the world about your business in brand new ways and get in touch with your clients on a deeper level than ever before. However, running a website can be a tricky process, complete with a variety of dilemmas.

One of the biggest decisions you have to make is which hosting provider to choose. With a lot of providers out there, you need to be sure of making the right decision. When searching for a shared hosting provider, you’ll have to think about the features your site is going to need. Finding a provider who offers a website builder as part of the subscription package can be a big advantage for example.

You might also choose to prioritize providers who value things like customer support or ease of use above all else. In this article we’ll go through some of the best shared providers out there and help you find the right one for you.


Our first hosting provider today is SiteGround. The prices with this provider start at $9.95, but it’s worth looking beyond that when you see the excellent customer service and strong security options that this provider has to offer. You might not get all of the latest features with a SiteGround subscription, but this is a provider you can trust.

a small orange shared hosting

A Small Orange

Many people are surprised to hear that this site is actually hosted on an A Small Orange shared server. ASO shared hosting packages have been the definition of great value for the better part of the last half-decade. For well under $5 per month you can host 1 to an unlimited number of WordPress websites, and enjoy speed and reliability that matches up well with the most expensive hosting solutions in this industry. For our visitors finding this website in the UK, check out one of our other partners and ASO sister-company HostNine.

InMotion Hosting

With prices starting at just $3.49, InMotion offers some of the best managed WordPress hosting in the business. If you run a WordPress site, you’ll find to hard to pick a better provider than InMotion. This company also runs excellent shared packages in general and provides its users with a good array of site building tools. If you’d rather not spend extra cash on site building software, InMotion is a great choice.

inmotion shared hosting price and plans


HostGator has been specially designed for users who simply do not have the time or desire to spend hours and hours managing their sites. In the modern age, lots of people have sites but very few of them have the technical knowhow to manage their sites effectively. HostGator goes to great lengths to help these people out. If you want a provider who prioritizes simplicity and ease of access, this is the one for you. Plans start at the very low price of just $3.48.


If, on the other hand, you’re a developer or more advanced user, you might want to find a provider who offers plenty of admin features and deeper layers of options. DreamHost is the perfect choice for this type of user. Not only does this provider offer great prices, with plans starting at just $4.95, but it also targets developers by offering plenty of higher-level options and features. If you’re more than familiar with the basics of site building and migration, this is a great provider for you.

bluehost shared hosting reviews


Another good low-cost option is Bluehost. This provider’s plans can cost as little as $3.49. Bluehost also gives you the tools you need to make a great-looking and reliable website in mere minutes. On the downside, this provider’s plans don’t have the biggest range of features out there, but that might not be a deal-breaker for some site owners.


Liquid’s subscription plans are among the most expensive on our list today, with prices beginning at $14.95. However, there is a very good reason for this provider’s higher prices, which is that Liquid is mainly designed for enterprise users. This company deals with big businesses and popular websites, offering countless features and top notch customer support to help these sites remain reliable at all times. It might cost a bit more to purchase a plan with Liquid, but the advantages could be worth it.

godaddy shared hosting plans


If you favor customer service above any other factor, GoDaddy could be the best hosting provider for your site. Running a website can be difficult, with numerous problems and queries being sure to arise for the majority of site owners. The team at GoDaddy will always be there to respond to your questions. This provider offers email, live chat and phone help at any time of day or night. GoDaddy also offers a smart site builder and some other neat features to set it apart from the crowd.


HostMonster is another provider, just like GoDaddy, which tries to offer the best customer experience possible. This provider also tries to appeal to inexperience users by making the whole process very straightforward. Unfortunately, this does all come at a slightly higher price than the competition, with HostMonster’s plans starting at $6.95.

hostwinds shared hosting review


Hostwinds offers a good mixture of hosting options, but really excels in the VPS department. If this type of hosting suits your business, Hostwinds is one of the best providers you could possibly choose. It also has a smart user interface and a nice array of features that should cater well to both novice and advanced users. Plans with Hostwinds start from just $4.50.

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