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Why Use OptInMonster?

Every site owner wants to enjoy success, but the internet is awash with competition and it can be hard for businesses to build up userbases and gain loyal customers. One of the things you can do to build up an email list and start connecting with your visitors is to make use of a WordPress plugin to create opt-in forms.

The idea of opt-in forms is to encourage your site visitors to sign up for newsletters, usually by offering some form of content or other bonus that they might not normally have access to. These forms work well and can allow you to build up a list of contacts to market and sell your products to. However, it’s still important to choose the right tool for the job. Some plugins can be complicated and poorly-designed, forcing you to waste time that would be better spent elsewhere. Here, we’ll be looking at one of the better-rated plugins currently available on the WordPress platform: OptInMonster.

This plugin offers a lot more than most of its rivals. Effectively, OptInMonster lets you create, modify, use and even analyze the effectiveness of your opt-in forms. The plugin offers seamless form creation and implementation, allowing you to get these forms up-and-running in minutes and spend more time focusing on more important matters for your business.

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Using OptInMonster on Non-WordPress Websites

The forms are even completely compatible with non-WordPress sites; you simply need to copy and paste some generated code to get them working. The services includes a very effective form editor that gives you lots of options to personalize your content in any way you like. The forms themselves are also available in a wide range of styles and can be deployed with ease.

Does the type of opt-in form influence effectiveness?

Believe it or not, statistics show that the type of opt-in form you use can have a big influence on its effectiveness. Fortunately, OptInMonster offers a myriad of form types and lets you choose the right one for your website. The plugin was originally developed to focus on popovers, but you can also use it to make sidebar, slide-in, mobile, after post and many other types of opt-in form. You can even create multiple types of form to deploy on different posts or pages, allowing you to choose the right type of form to suit the style of the page in question.

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What’s more, OptInMonster also proposes a range of premade templates for most of these different form types. These templates will have different styles, colors and fonts and can work well on countless types of site.

Editing the forms is also remarkably easy. You simply need to first choose your form type and template. Next, you’ll be taken to OptInMonster’s excellent editor. This editor has an intuitive user interface that is very easy to understand, even for novice users. With this tool, you’ll only need to spend a few moments and click on a few different things to make a fully-personalized form that is totally unique.

The editor comes complete with lots of different options and features that are all clearly-labelled and understandable. Unfortunately, this editor doesn’t make use of the easy ‘drag and drop’ system you might find elsewhere, but that doesn’t really matter as it’s still exceptionally straightforward. With this system, you can have some great-looking forms that are ready to deploy within minutes. Again, deploying those forms is simple and can be done with the click of a button.

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How OptInMonster OutPerforms Competitors

What’s special about OptInMonster is the way in which this plugin helps you to make your forms more efficient. In this day and age, people can get a little frustrated when they see popovers and other forms appearing on their webpages. At the same time, businesses need to use these forms as they are a super way of building up an email list. OptInMonster understands both sides of this debate and offers some excellent features to help your popovers work well without annoying people.

For example, you can choose to activate the ‘Exit Intent’, which means that popovers will only show up when visitors are ready to leave your site. You can also choose to hide popovers from your current subscribers, or even prevent these forms from appearing until people have read a certain amount of your content or visited your site at least twice.

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Form Testing and Analytics

Another important feature that everyone needs when dealing with opt-in forms is analytics. There’s no point in making use of these forms if you don’t know how well they’re actually working. Luckily, OptInMonster once again comes to the rescue by offering a smart dashboard with a full list of your opt-in forms. This page also shows how many visitors and conversions you have had with each form, allowing you to judge their effectiveness and make any necessary modifications.

Advanced users can even create and run split tests directly from this page. Not only that, but the plugin goes one step further by working with the Google Analytics service to offer even more important data about your webpages. If you want to boost your productivity and efficiency levels, this is the best way to go about it.

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OptInMonster also comes with a whole host of other features that are simply too numerous to mention. We really like this plugin, but you’re probably wondering how much it costs. Well, there are quite a few different ways to pay. You can choose between monthly and annual fees, where the latter offer better value. The annual version of the company’s most basic plan costs $49 and comes with a nice range of features, including unlimited form creation and split testing. This plan lets you use forms on just one site.

If you want more features and site access, you can try OptInMonster’s Plus and Pro plans, which cost $99 and $199, respectively. The more expensive plans offer bonus form types and additional features, so are certainly worth considering if you can afford to spare the extra cash.

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