Optin Forms Plugin

Any time we talk about blogging, e-commerce or any other type of online business, it is essential for you to have a marketing strategy through e-mail, right from the start. E-mail marketing involves, first of all, creating a list of e-mails that belongs to people that might be interested in your business or in whatever you have to say. The ultimate goal of any marketing campaign is, of course, generating as many sales as possible and thus, obtaining a bigger profit. So, basically you want to convert these people into customers.

There are two major steps that you will have to take in order for you to reach this goal. One, you will have to provide to your web site visitors the option to opt-in to your e-mail list. Once having such a list, you will be able to keep these people informed on a regular basis, by sending them informative material or newsletters. This e-mail marketing strategy has certainly more specific rules that you should take into account, but since they are not the subject of this article, we are confident that you will research and successfully apply them on your own.

Why Do You Need Optin Forms?

Maybe just a quick reminder, before moving on: It will serve you best realizing the fact that behind every e-mail is a subscriber who considers you or what you`re doing interesting enough to want more. It`s only up to you to establish a genuine connection with your subscribers. Add to that a sparkle of marketing magic and you will convert your subscribers into paying customers at once.

That being said, let's take a look at Optin Forms – an opt-in (to your e-mail list) plugin, available for you via WordPress. Optin Forms will allow you to create your very own version of opt-in plugin. You have a variety of features to play with, until you are completely happy with the final result. In terms of e-mail solutions, Optin Forms is compatible with the most usual as AWeber, MailChimp, MadMinini, GetResponse, iContact and Interspire Email Marketer. As for the Design, you will have five forms, all fully customized. What else? You can edit or change completely all the texts, fonts and font sizes. And since visual effect is essential, just use the color picker and go Picasso on your opt-in plugin. You can make all these things within minutes.

There are two way to get your own opt-in on your web site. Either you will go via WordPress and download the plugin, followed by the upload on your site. Good to know for those who are from Spain, Serbia or Turkey, that WordPress offers on their web site the translation needed in order to install the plugin. The other way to get your opt-in is if you go to your Plugins area, accessing your WP Dashboard, find the plugin and then install it and active it from your site-`s dashboard. Once activated, a new option “Optin Form” will be available for you. Just select the current e-mail campaign service that you are actually using, fill the fields required and, there you go, you can start opting-in.

Easily Build Your Forms the Way You Want

With Option Forms, you get to decide what is seen, and what's not. If you want so, you can choose to hide the title, the subtitle, the disclaimer or the name field. Also, you can customize it even more from your own CSS. If you like it just the way it is, just don't worry about those type of things. Once established that, all you need to do next is to decide where you would like the form to be displayed. You will have several options. Everything is very intuitive and once arrived at this point, trust me you will know what to do. In fact, the best part is, if you are not pleased anymore with your anterior choices, you get to change them any time you want.


“Hats off” to the author of this incredible free opt-in plugin, Boris Beo! Huge impact on users, very intuitive, and above all, functional!

The Optin Forms has over 8000 active installs. Last updated on April 2015, the plugin has on WordPress 34 reviews, all of them five stars out of five. So, people say that it's quite spectacular, and it shows.

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