New WebHostingPad WordPress Hosting Plans

WebHostingPad Introduces New, Affordable WordPress Hosting Plans

Popular hosting provider WebHostingPad has just unveiling some interesting new services for WordPress users. In total, three new plans have been added to the company’s catalog, with the cheapest plan currently costing $2.99 per month and the most expensive being priced at only $5.99 per month.

WebHostingPad has made its name as a budget provider, offering plans for affordable prices while still managing to include most of the features that customers are asking for. That philosophy is once again evident with these new WordPress plans. Each plan comes at a very attractive price, while also including desirable bonuses and features like malware scans, backups and SSD storage for faster speeds.


Analyzing These New WordPress Hosting Plans

Let’s look at these three plans in closer detail. The most basic one is designed for users who want to spend the minimal amount of cash or simply don’t have any need for some of the more advanced features. This plan can support up to five sites with 20,000 visitors per month. With unlimited email accounts and storage space, along with handy security features like malware scans and removal, this plan could be more than enough for many users.

Still, you might want to pay a little extra for some of the other features on offer. The most expensive plan doesn’t cost much more, but comes with an SSL certificate for additional security, expert assistance to get your WordPress site running properly, and all the backups you need, as well as support for up to 25 sites.

The more you pay for your plan, the faster and more reliable it will be. The bigger plans are able to support more visitors per month, so if you hope to attract a lot of traffic then it might be wise for you to invest in the $5.99 per month plan.

Either way, WebHostingPad is offering a nice mixture of plans here that should be able to suit a very wide range of users. You can take a look at the list of features on the brand’s official site and make your choice accordingly, with even the cheapest plan offering attractive levels of security and performance.

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WebHostingPad WordPress Security Services

Security is a big issue these days, especially in the online world. Site owners and general internet users are more cautious than ever before about the safety of their personal information and data, so it’s good to see WebHostingPad offering solid security solutions in all three of its new WordPress hosting plans.

Of course, you won’t be getting the most state-of-the-art security solutions on such affordable plans, but you will still be able to benefit from malware scans and removal. The system will regularly check your site for any malicious software and will automatically quarantine any offending files.

webhostingpad wordpress hosting factsIf the scan does find any malware, you’ll instantly be alerted to this fact via email. You can then check out the files and make any necessary amendments to your site in order to deal with the issue. You can also make use of the backups provided by WebHostingPad to restore your site to an earlier state, should the need arise. Also, every time you decide to upload a new file to your site, the scan will initiate and verify that the file is not malicious in any way. This acts as an excellent preventative measure, helping you keep your site as secure as possible.

As well as security, another big concern for every site owner is performance. Nowadays, most hosting providers are making the switch to SSD technology. SSDs are much faster than traditional HDDs as they do not require the use of any mechanical parts to find and read data.

While more premium hosting providers make full use of SSD hosting, WebHostingPad only offers SSD storage for its databases. However, this is a smart compromise to make. It allows the company to continue offering plans for low prices, while also being able to provide excellent speeds and performance levels for every customer.

WebHostingPad’s plans also offer expert support for WordPress users. Setting up a WordPress site with a new hosting solution can be a tricky process, particularly for novice users, so it’s again very pleasing to see this provider making the effort to provide this support. If you encounter any issues when trying to install new themes or plugins, a team of trained and friendly staff members will be on hand to guide you through the process and solve any problems. This will come as a great advantage to many users.

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Overall, these new plans are certainly worth considering if you’re working with a limited budget or simply find yourself in need of some basic hosting for your own WordPress site or sites. Naturally, the list of features isn’t as extensive as some of the more upmarket companies, but you’ll still be getting all of the essentials with these plans, and the prices are very affordable, especially when compared to rival brands.

With all three plans, WebHostingPad has shown a commitment to offering reliability, performance and security, proving that customer satisfaction is this brand’s number one concern.

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