New SiteGround Services and Updated Servers

SiteGround Announces New Services and Updated Servers

There are a lot of different hosting providers out there nowadays and it can be difficult for site owners to choose the right one. For the providers as well, the competition is fierce and some companies are going to great lengths to make their services more appealing to customers.

One such example is SiteGround, a rapidly growing web hosting provider who recently announced some big improvements to its range of services, along with some important upgrades to its servers. Today we’ll take a look at what SiteGround has to offer and help you decide whether or not this is the right provider for you.

SiteGround Continues to Push Updates

SiteGround really seems to be going the extra mile to provide the very best web hosting plans for its subscribers. The company puts a lot of emphasis on ensuring that it provides top quality service and is now hosting over 350,000 individual domains.

Their recently announced improvements are quite heavily focused on their shared hosting plans, but some of the upgrades will apply to the whole catalog of SiteGround services. Representatives of the company have revealed that it could take up to 4 months for the upgrades to be complete, but progress has already begun.

Upgraded Hosting Plans

The main bullet points of these upgrade plans are SSD hosting for all subscription plans and the installation of the latest Linux containers, but there are plenty of extra benefits that customers should be aware of. The provider has been working tirelessly for a couple of years now to improve its services. They started offering PHP 7 + Opcache for testing as well as updating their caching services from Supercacher to Nginx + Memcache.

The provider has even adopted the latest forms of technology for its cloud-based services. All of this ensures that subscribers can enjoy the best speeds and minimal downtime on their sites. The latest additions of SSD storage and Linux containers help to ensure that you’ll struggle to find a web hosting provider that offers better speeds than SiteGround.

Linux containers are more traditionally associated with VPS and cloud-based plans, but this technology can be very powerful on shared hosting plans as well. As opposed to the traditional method of sharing one server among multiple users, Linux containers allow multiple dedicated servers to be spread out among users.

This means that each user essentially has more resources at their disposal, resulting in marked improvements in performance. SiteGround even claim that the use of these contains offers users twice as much memory and twice as much CPU power as traditional plans.

In addition, the chances of downtime are drastically reduced with this new method, so site owners won’t need to worry about their site going offline. Site downtime is a big problem for companies in the modern world and can have a big influence on profits and sales, so it’s absolutely vital for you to choose a provider who can guarantee the best rates of uptime.

With Linux containers, your site won’t be taken offline for maintenance reboots or even when adding new features like extra RAM or CPU power. The final great benefit of this system is that, if a server ever fails, the data it contained can be recreated much more quickly and easily than before.

updated siteground plans

Benefits of SSD Storage

Next, let’s look at the benefits of SSD storage. Solid state drives are rapidly replacing traditional hard disk drives for the speed advantages they provide. While HDDs contain mechanical parts for accessing data, SSDs rely on flash memory, ensuring that they work much more quickly.

SSDs were previously only used on SiteGround’s GoGeek plan but are now available for every one of the provider’s offerings. This is a big advantage for SiteGround and its customers, with SSDs offering huge increases in read and write speeds to provide the fastest service you could possibly hope to have on your website.

SiteGround’s new improvements also include an upgraded backup system. The provider originally made use of R1Soft but are now utilizing their own custom-built system which is more rapid and efficient. R1Soft works by treating an individual server as one distinct item, whereas the new system is able to restore multiple servers at the same time. This essentially means that backups can be used very quickly, especially when combined with SiteGround’s rapid Infiniband networking platform.

These improvements and upgrades are certainly helping to make SiteGround an even more appealing choice for your web hosting solutions. If you already have a plan in place with the provider, you may have to wait up to 4 months to fully benefit from these changes.

When the migration of your account to the new platform takes place, the process should be very quick and simple. Meanwhile, new customers will be placed immediately on the new platform and can enjoy all of the upgrades straight away, so there’s really never been a better time to sign up for a SiteGround subscription.

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