New A Small Orange Web Builder Plans

A Small Orange in partnership with Weebly has just released in incredibly user-friendly, drag-and-drop style editor that provides incredible professional looking results.

Weebly As an Alternative to WordPress

A Small Orange has been one of our preferred WordPress hosting providers for years, so it's not that they don't know WordPress hosting. They simply are offering their clients an alternative to WordPress, which we get. WordPress is great, but there are times where you want something simpler, something that requires less maintenance. That's exactly where these new web builder plans come in.

logo-whmcs has supplied all kinds of tools and tricks that make editing a breeze, and it takes almost no time at all to have a fully operational website up and running with the help of the new A Small Orange web builder plans. Today we’re going to talk some of the differences and similarities between the professional and business plans and see which new A Small Orange web builder plan is right for you.

First, when it comes to new A Small Orange web builder plans, let’s talk about the similarities between the two different types of plans. Professional will run you $11 a month, while the business plan is a slightly increased $29 per month, but they both allow you the same amount of pages. That number is absolutely unlimited. Neither of the new A Small Orange Web Builder plans will limit you in that way at any time.

There’s no A Small Orange branding with either plan, either. That means that there will never be an unsightly logo or watermark on your site, and it’s all purely your content that you provide.


A Small Orange Web Builder Plans

Both plans will provide you with your own custom domain, and provide you with a number of administrative tools along with it. This means that you’ll have access to an expanded stats page to show you exactly how many people visited your site and a number of other important statistics.

Each plan offers the option of a customizable footer at each page, which you can use to link to other pages on your site, a different message at the bottom of each page, or anything else that you might think of to put in a footer. Both plans offer a slideshow of your site so that you can preview it before you’re finished, which is always a huge plus for those final tweaks and edits to make sure everything flows together in the exact way you want it to.

Both new A Small Orange Web Builder plans allow you to use audio/video players, allowing you to embed a video from YouTube or a song from SoundCloud almost effortlessly.

However, when it comes to membership, you can only have 100 members with the professional plan. That’s still a considerable amount of members, but if you’re looking to add more than that, the business plan allows you to have an unlimited number of members and allows you to reach an unlimited number of people. There is also no membership registration with the professional plan, while there is with the business plan.

Features of the Two Plans

As far as the A Small Orange features go, again, there’s quite a bit of difference between the two packages. Both plans will allow you an unlimited number of e-mail addresses to be registered and used by your site. Both also allow you access to CPanel, which is A Small Orange’s administrative panel. It contains a number of incredibly useful tools for running, editing, and moderating your site that makes those tasks incredibly easy. With the professional plan, your website is able to use up to 75 gigabytes, while the business plan is able to use up to 300 gigs. Bandwidth refers to the rate of data transfer or bit rate, and means that you have either 75 or 300gb of data that you are able to transfer to or from your site.

Small-Blue-LogotypeBoth plans give you access to another very important feature in the form of both a live chat and a support ticket system. This is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s incredibly useful, even if you’re not new to the process of making a website. If you ever have any sort of problem with the new A Small Orange web builder plans, or if you have a question about anything, or if you’re having problems working with the editing system, you have free, open access to a live support team at any time you want. This can be one of the most powerful tools that you can be given access to in the long run.

Both of the new A Small Orange Web Builder plans come with blindingly fast SSD (solid state drive) servers for quick access to every part of your site.

The professional plan allows you to sell up to 25 products with a 3% fee using They don’t support digital goods like e-books, there’s no inventory management, shipping/tax calculator, and doesn’t support coupon codes. The business plan supports all of those things directly via your domain at a 0% fee, and you can have an unlimited number of products.

Both new A Small Orange Web Builder plans are great and highly recommended, it really all comes down to which of the new A Small Orange’s web builder plans seems better for what you need it for. Both are reasonably priced and well worth looking into. We do have two A Small Orange coupon codes that will save you up to 25% on this new service.

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