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How to Use Our Coupons

We are writing this guide under the assumption that you are building a VPS hosting plan at Once you have selected your OS, control panel, and set the specs of your server, go ahead and click 'order now'.

myhosting promo codeThe next screen you will see is your shopping cart. On the top right hand side of your shopping cart you will find the graphic seen to the right. In the box marked 'promo code' enter your coupon and click apply. You should see the details of the coupon and the discount applied to your purchase. Complete the steps to finish payment and you are all set.

When using our MyHosting coupon codes, keep in mind that certain coupons will only work for certain services. We have a a different coupon for their VPS, shared, and premium hosting products. Make sure that you are using the coupon that saves you the most money on your specific purchase. All of our coupons are verified daily to ensure that they are in fact the best promo offer for that product.

myhosting plan comparison and review

Our Review is one of many hosting providers trying to make its way in an increasingly crowded and competitive industry. Are you in need of some hosting solutions for your own websites? If so, should you be considering as your provider of choice?

We’ll try to answer that question here today by taking a look at the various features, plans and advantages that this company has to offer. For now, is able to offer regular web hosting, along with VPS hosting and various other services including Microsoft Exchange servers. If you’re on the lookout for some online services, this brand might have what you need.

Who is

myhosting couponsFirst, let’s look at an overview of the company. is located in Toronto, Canada, where it also has a data center. It has a second data center in the state of New York, with both centers being equipped with the latest technologies to offer top levels of reliability, performance and security for all users. has also won awards for its various services and has been given the seal of approval from Microsoft itself. All of this means that is a name you can trust. Trust is a big issue for people in need of web hosting, as nobody wants to put their site and personal data in the hands of an unscrupulous company. Therefore, it’s already good to know that will look after you and your site with the proper levels of attention and respect. Plans and Hosting Solutions

So what sort of plans are on offer? Well, the company’s shared hosting solutions, like so many others nowadays, all comes with unlimited bandwidth, storage and site support. The word “unlimited” is thrown around a lot in the hosting industry, so we have to look a little deeper to see the real limits of each of these plans.

Essentially, the cheapest plan costs just $4.95 per month and gives you access to three databases, which basically translates to letting you have three sites with this plan. The next step up is the “Business Hosting” plan, which grants you five databases for $9.95/month. Finally, the “eCommerce Hosting” plan comes with support for ten databases and will cost $18.95 per month.

myhosting vps features

Comparing Plans... You Get What You Pay For

The more expensive plans come with support for more email accounts, but the plans generally have the same features as each other. This is because the company then allows you to purchase additional features as add-ons. This allows you to customize your own hosting plan and only pay for the things you need.

This is a smart move for both the company and the user. gets the benefit of keeping prices low and customers satisfied, while individual users are able to enjoy the advantage of picking and choosing their own set of features. You can add mobile support for your site for an extra $4.95, for example, or have the provider make backups of your site for only $1.30 per month.

It’s also interesting to note that this provider offers support for both Windows and Linux operating systems. The Linux plan comes with all of the features you would expect, along with a handy installer that gets applications up-and-running in just a few clicks.

Meanwhile, the Windows-based hosting also comes with most of the latest features and software. If you have very specific requirements, you may want to check on the company’s official site or get in touch with their support service to find out more before committing to any new hosting plans. Customer Support

Speaking of customer support, we’re glad to report that excels in this area, offering a very broad range of support options for every user. You can get in touch with the team via phone, live chat, email or even post. The majority of customers seem to be more than satisfied with this brand’s customer service, reporting fast response times and friendly assistance.

In addition, the company guarantees that it will respond to any phone call within a couple of minutes, and won’t take longer than an hour to get back in touch with users via email. It’s good to see such guarantees being put in place and helps to show how strongly this brand believes in caring for its users.

A Look At Actual User Reviews

We can see that the overall service and support with is excellent, but how well does its hosting stand up in real-life tests? Well, statistics show that this company is able to boast of excellent uptime rates. In fact, promises to provide you with 100% uptime and will actually compensate its users for any periods of disruption that may occur.

Again, user reviews and customer impressions show that, for the most part, people have experienced no problems whatsoever when hosting their sites with this provider, so you won’t need to worry about your own site going down if you choose to subscribe to one of their plans.

We’re also quite impressed by the fact that actually offers compensation for any downtime. This company often seems to go the extra mile when pursuing customer satisfaction and is always prepared to justify its claims and services with guarantees. It even offers a full refund for any users who aren’t satisfied within the first 30 days of their subscription.

Overall, these features are very impressive and help to build a trustworthy and reliable image for this provider. You might not get the very fastest speeds or all of the top-of-the-range features with this provider, but you’ll certainly be getting good value for your money and will be treated with a lot of care. The fact that the company also offers solutions for other services like Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Sharepoint should help it to appeal to a very wide audience.

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