Meet the New Grid from Media Temple

Media Temple Grid Hosting Overview

Media Temple, one of the most popular hosting solution providers out there, has developed a reputation over the years for pushing boundaries and investing in innovation. The company has earned a name for itself as one of the most reliable and creative hosting providers in the business. The latest addition to the Media Temple service library is a particularly impressive one.

Media Temple has updated its shared hosting platform, which it calls the “Grid” with a myriad of additional features and all of the latest technology, ensuring that this shared hosting solution is more powerful than ever before. If you have a site in need of a super shared hosting plan, the Grid is the right option for you. Media Temple has developed a truly impressive system here, using clustered architecture to offer the best levels of speed and reliability for all of their subscribers. Let’s take a look at what makes the Grid so appealing.

In this day and age, with so many people and businesses running their own sites, there are a lot of people being forced into working with web creation systems and software without actually having a lot of experience in this domain. You might be a novice user or you may simply not have the time or resources to spend on looking after every aspect of your site. Whatever the reasoning, most people want their web management to be as simple as possible. When designing the Grid, simplicity was clearly one of the primary concerns of the Media Temple development team.

All of the tools you could possibly desire are at your disposal, allowing you to deal with each aspect of site management with ease. The Grid’s control panel is also intuitive and user-friendly, providing a great experience for users of all backgrounds and ability levels. This way, you can focus on creating content for your site rather than wasting time trying to understand countless pages of complex menus. The Grid has recently been updated to include 1-click managed apps, making things even simpler.

grid pricing overview

The Grid Is Reliability and Performance

When it comes to hosting, reliability and performance levels are of the utmost priority for every site owner. With the Grid, subscribers won’t need to worry about the power of their site’s hosting solution. Thanks to the clustered architecture used by Media Temple, their shared hosting plans are more reliable than ever before. The system has been specifically designed to deal with any interruptions or sudden traffic spikes, so your users should never have to worry about lag or downtime.

The Grid also makes use of entirely-SSD based storage systems. SSD (solid state drive) technology is much faster and more powerful than traditional HDD (hard disk drive) systems. This is because HDDs make use of moving mechanical parts to locate data on the drive, whereas SSD systems involve no moving parts whatsoever, making the processes of reading and writing data much faster. In addition, the Grid now utilizes the TrueSpeed global CDN, offering incredibly fast loading times.


Looking at How Secure Grid Hosting Is

With the new and upgraded Grid, you’ll feel safer about the security of your website too. The expert staff on Media Temple’s Grid team will look after your site for it, preparing daily backups in case of emergencies and performing malware scans to ensure that your site stays virus-free. The team will even handle all of the various OS updates and install them automatically for you as they’re released, giving you the freedom to focus on more important matters.
There are three different plans available with the Grid, with each one having its own unique set of features that make it suitable for a specific type of subscriber.

The entry-level plan, known as “Pro”, costs just $30 per month and comes with 20GB of SSD storage and 1TB of bandwidth. You’ll also get a free Google Apps for Work account and various other features. The mid-level plan, “Agency”, costs just $150 per month and supports up to 50 sites with 100GB of SSD storage and a very impressive 5TB of bandwidth. The final plan, “Agency+” is reasonably priced at $350 per month and includes some highly-valued managed care services from Cloudtech.

To make things even more interesting and allow you to find a plan that really suits your site, Media Temple even allows you to add “Boosts” to your initial subscription plan. Therefore, if you need a little bit more power than the Pro plan but don’t have enough funds to invest in the Agency plan, you can simply subscribe to the Pro plan and add on a booster to give you some extra storage, bandwidth and site support.

Nobody wants to pay for services they don’t need, so Media Temple have done a great job here in order to offer a customizable set of subscription plans. Overall, Media Temple’s latest Grid release is very impressive and represents one of the top shared hosting solutions available right now.

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