Media Temple Virb Site Builder Review

Review of the Media Temple Virb Site Builder

Creating a website will no longer be a headache to any aspiring photographer, designer, artisan or more. On the making Media Temple offers the best options available to create the perfect website. Through Virb any professional creative have an opportunity to build their own online portfolio and even get their brand online. All of this easily done with the presence of a very easy-to use admin and many customizable themes made to take care of every detail needed by the client.

With the rise of WordPress, it seems every hosting and website software out there is trying to make life easier on the webmaster. From design to SEO, things that used to take days are taking minutes thanks to these out-of-the-box solutions. Another great example of this is Media Temple's Dedicated WordPress hosting solution. Between their WordPress product and Virb, it's clear that Media Temple is committed to making their client's lives and webmaster responsibilities easier.

Every theme built using Virb features a functional and responsive mobile style perfectly made to make an aesthetically compelling site. This way any visitor will enjoy a compelling site -with no extra costs to the client- that could be seen in a big computer screen and even a smartphone. With this existing feature every person can get some eye candy to share to the world and having in hands a beautiful and appealing website.

Every site made will surely get its way to be known by the world, thanks to semantically built HTML5 templates and SEO tools like meta and page-data customization. All of these features secure visitor to all of the web pages built using Virb. Also, related to this advantages there’s a way to get the pages to load in no time through a cloud hosting built available with every monthly price using Virb. This way any client can have their minds on any other aspect, and not worrying about traffic load.

introducing virb from mt

Easy-to-use interface
A very important aspect about building a website with Virb is the fact that every client gets the chance to surf without any intermission or detail through their websites. Using an amazing interface every client gets to upload and create his or her content in a very simple and easy way. There will be no more lousy plug ins or even other actions that takes a person to edit and never deliver every day contents and answers in quicktime development. All of this features made easy thanks to Virb’s simple and reliable cloud hosting.

Reliable support
When building a site there are always doubts about any of the process that gets into the road of a developer. Providing the help of an award-winning support team assemble by Media Temple there are no longer mistakes or confusions in the life of a client. Virb’s help center makes a day colorful offering tools that gets every question answered in the process of building a website. With each supportive motivation there are also customizable themes, custom domains, mobile styling and a complete fast and friendly support.

An always sharing process
Using integrated features, there’s a way to get every fresh content available to close relatives and even all kind of persons all over the world. Every new web page built using Virb comes with unique social media services like Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, Twitter, Google+ and many more. This feature makes an everyday development of activities turn into fun social experiences that allows every client to get everything up the web through new ways of publicity on the internet: making people talk about new content.

Apart from the constant use of social media, Virb also gives every client the possibility to get a web roof to every content in use and also connecting and integrating all the services acclaimed by the people. New content can get easily showed on Instagram, Etsy, Tumblr, Dropbox, Twitter, Facebook, Google and more. Virb just gets every new job directly from the client's camera to their website, making the use of any device a delightful canvas for every new idea delivered.

Getting the right tunes
Preparing the right vibes for music is an easy job for Media Temple’s always constant services. Many of Virb’s music features are made to reach, simplify and make echo to every clients online experience. With the constant developer work from Virb’s resourceful team there’s and endless chance to pull tracks and albums directly from Soundcloud, selling then with Bandcamp and linking them to events on Facebook and Last Fm.

New services
The website building experience gets a complete experience with new services especially made to be used by Restaurants. Understanding the everyday challenge that faces every restaurant, bar or coffee shop owner Media Temple’s provides an integrated menu along with contact pages. Every visitor will get to tap and find his or her next favorite restaurant. Every patron gets connected instantly using OpenTable, Facebook and Twitter to make any aspect a much more easy web experience.

If you are interested in giving Virb from (mt) a try, then we recommend you grab one of our Media Temple coupons and sign up today. I think your going to be pleasantly surprised by just how smooth the Virb platform is, and just how easy it is to build a great looking website.

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