Media Temple Premium WordPress Hosting

Media Temple has been amongst the web industries leading hosting providers for over a decade. They are unique because they specifically target web professionals. Designer and developers have rave about (mt) Grid Shared Hosting and it's speed and reliability with WordPress, as well as their fast and knowledgable support staff. However, this month Media Temple rolled out a whole new service aimed solely at WordPress, designed to compete with WPEngine and Pagely. They call it Premium WordPress hosting, and it's phenomenal.

The design of the service is similar to other WordPress dedicated hosts. You get a WordPress installation on a fully WordPress optimized server, that leverages the hell out of cacheing to offer incredibly fast loading and reliability. Media Temple's claim to fame has always been that their servers disperse server load so that your site never goes down, regardless of the peak in traffic. So the idea that, no matter how many visitors you have online, you can expect the same amazing performance out of your website is fairly revolutionary. And, oh yeah, unlike the other guys, (mt) gives you three installations on three domains with their basic $29/mo plan. Give them a try today, you won't be sorry...

Media Temple Premium Hosting

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