Media Temple Launches Two New Products

Media Temple is one of the most popular web-hosting providers online, with the California-based company offering plenty of different hosting services including cloud-based plans and dedicated servers. It’s one of the fastest-growing companies in the U.S. and is constantly attempting to innovate and offer new services and products. In its quest to offer the best hosting services on the net, Media Temple recently announced the arrival of two new products to its line-up.

One of these features is the Premium Security Pack, which is set to respond to customer concerns about security online. The second product is the company’s new CDN (content delivery network) known as TrueSpeed CDN, which should offer a significant speed boost to businesses and site owners who make use of Media Temple’s hosting plans. Let’s take a closer look at both of these new products.

cloudtech security from media temple

Premium Security Pack from Media Temple

Beginning with the Premium Security Pack, this has clearly been launched in response to various high-profile cyber breaches in recent times. Nowadays, people are more wary about storing their personal information on the internet and Media Temple is responding in the right way with the release of this pack. The company is dedicated to offering the finest user experiences out of any hosting provider and this is certainly a step in the right direction.

The previously existing Security Pack can now be enhanced to this premium offering which includes some great new features. First of all, users can now benefit from much faster manual malware clean-ups. These procedures can now be completed in less than 24 hours, allowing you to rapidly respond to any malware issues on your site and return to full functionality in record time.

waf firewall review

The second and most impressive addition offered by the new Premium Security Pack is the WAF (web application firewall). This tool acts as a barrier, guarding your site against any malicious traffic and literally preventing these sources from ever actually reaching your site. You shouldn’t have to worry about the threats and problems posed by the likes of spammers and bots ever again with the use of this WAF. No matter which method of attack hackers might attempt to use on your site, the firewall should be able to detect it with ease and prevent this harmful traffic from causing any damage.

All of the most popular methods of cyber-attack have been identified and catered for in this powerful new firewall, including the likes of SQL injections, backdoor files, and XSS. The firewall also helps to protect you from website scrapers who scour the net to steal information from various websites. This new Firewall will be updated and regulated by the expert security teams employed at MediaTemple, so users should be able to rest easy, knowing that their site is completely safe with this new premium pack.

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mediatemple truespeed overview

Introducing TrueSpeed... A (mt) CDN

The second feature we have to talk about today is the TrueSpeed CDN. Content delivery networks are all about speed. They work by using a variety of interconnected servers spread across the globe. When a user wishes to access a webpage or piece of content online, the system responds by identifying the user’s location and using the nearest server to deliver that information to the user, rather than relying on a single server in one location to feed people from all over the planet.

As one might imagine, since the information has a shorter distance to travel, it arrives much more quickly to the user. These networks are perfect for site’s that have global appeal and large amounts of traffic as they help to offer the best possible experience for site owners and their users. The TrueSpeed CDN is now available for all new and existing Media Temple customers who make use of a hosting plan from the site.

truespeed cdn locations

One of the great things about this particular CDN is the number and placement of the servers involved. Media Temple makes use of 27 different PoPs (points of presence) for this CDN, located in all sorts of locations including Miami, Los Angeles, Toronto, Paris, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong and many, many more. These locations have been specifically chosen to provide the best service on a global scale. Therefore, if you own a site or run a business that has global reach and appeal, this CDN could be truly beneficial for you, allowing users from all four corners of the globe to enjoy accessing your site with lightning fast speeds and minimal downtime.

For users, the benefits of a CDN are unprecedented; load times are drastically reduced and customers and clients can access the services and content they want with ease and rapidity. We have been pitching the integration of a CDN with each WordPress website to our visitors for years, as the benefits are undeniable. Happy customers often become more loyal and spend more time on websites that function well, so this can translate into success for businesses that make use of the TrueSpeed CDN. Overall, these two new products are very welcome additions to the Media Temple catalogue and will surely prove to be very popular with site owners around the world.

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