Making a Church Website with WordPress

Making a Church Website with WordPress

About 20% of the world’s websites are made by WordPress. It’s not very huge large number but it’s absolutely high. WordPress is powerful for making websites. Churches want an ordinary websites for church solutions so WordPress is best to make a website beneficial for the church employees and other users.

Following are the basic steps for making a Church Website with WordPress:

  1. To select a theme for a Church.
  2. To Sign up for the website on the internet
  3. To install WordPress
  4. To install the selected theme
  5. Modification of website
  6. Insertion of material on website

Cost of Church’s Website

The average rate of the Church’s website is $100 to $300 per year. It depends on the web hosts and the theme used in the contents of the websites. Actually WordPress is free that’s why the cost of the church website is low. Every Church website makes use of the Content Management System (CMS). CMS is somehow expensive to build up and keep.

Contrary to it, WordPress is free as some of the experts contribute their time work for the website. WordPress Theme costs $100 for almost a year. It is suggested that new updates to the websites costs less money as compared to the earlier purchase. One of the websites hosting is worth $10 per month. For example only to renew the name costs $15 for a year. Some of the websites wants people to host them. They didn’t provide cheap hosting as compared to others. Money can be saved using WordPress.

Selecting the Theme for Church WordPress

WordPress theme is actually the looks selected for the website. It’s the theme of the website. There are many ways to select the theme for a website. Theme is specially made for the Churches. It provides specialization for the church themes and support to the documentations added to the website. It has guarantee for the money and can upheld the business model.

Installation of Church WordPress Theme
For hosting it is required to install WordPress with the installer and the further step is to log into the WordPress with the theme selected before. User can select Appearance then click Theme and can chose and upload a new purchased theme.

A WordPress theme after installation
Mostly themes have sample data that can be installed, and they require certain plugins as well. The theme's documentations can be used for the instructions of the theme.

Church Website’s outlook
One of the best feature of the WordPress is the Theme Customizer. For the use of theme it is required to support its features. Theme Customizer has the features of changing the colors, background images, logo upload, fonts selection and many more. It can be selected with the option of left side of Customizer and can see the changes. It’s wonderful to select the themes.

Publishing Content with WordPress
On the left side of the web there is a menu option. WordPress offers the pages as well as posts for the pages. Pages shows About, What to Expect, What we believe and many other things. Posts are basically blogs written for the website. Plugin should be installed in a church theme including some events and locations.

Managing locations with the Church Theme
WordPress allows you to have multiple employees to manage the content. Admin can operate the web and can make use of the power of administrator.

Wrapping Up your Church Website
You need to consider some more things to finish the church website. Church website should include location and times. Login attempt is used to secure the login. There must be a backup WordPress for the restoration if the web is hacked or lost. It is required to check the WordPress dashboard for the latest updates. Settings in the web can be changed as you wish something to be like that.

Final Thoughts
WordPress lacks restrictions. It has flexibility to be used. WordPress costs less money to the Church Website which is a very good symbol. Most of the people visit the Church Website before they plan to enter the Church so Website of the Church should be appealing one and also providing all the required information about the Church. Usually, the budget for a Church is less and Churches can’t take the risk of spending lots of money for just a website. Usually Churches end up with spending $50 money for the WordPress site.

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