Make Your WordPress Website Mobile Responsive in 15 Minutes

How to Make Your WordPress Site Mobile-Friendly in 15 Minutes

Even if you are using a responsive theme, you and your visitors may be better off with a dedicated mobile theme. In this article, we will discuss the fastest way to make your WordPress website responsive. In this Weekend WordPress Project, we’ll take a look at giving your WordPress site a free mobile makeover with the WPtouch plugin.

The Basics of Being Mobile-Friendly

Having a design for mobile devices is an integral component towards your march for the fastest way to make your WordPress website responsive.

  • Mobile Menus – A separate menu on a mobile device is a must.
  • Platform Specific Plugins – The ability to switch plugins on and off according to device is valuable.
  • Mobile Specific Content – Even content can, and should, change between platforms. Shortened titles and excerpts fit better on smaller screens.

The 80/20 Approach

You’ve probably heard of the 80/20 rule, also known as the Pareto Principle. Making your site completely mobile friendly with a custom theme that ties in with your desktop theme takes considerable effort. Using a plugin will achieve 80% of what we want for only 20%, or less, of the effort required for a full, custom approach.

WPtouch – The Plugin of Choice

If a plugin has been downloaded more than 5 million times, then it’s probably a safe bet that it’s pretty good at its job.

But you know us, we like to make sure, before we recommend something, that we experience all of the options available. WPtouch is a sound choice for a quick and easy approach to making your site mobile-friendly.

It’s important to note that WPtouch gets activated for mobile phones and not tablets.

Let’s quickly walk through a barebones install and configuration of the WPtouch plugin and learn how to make your WordPress Site mobile-friendly in 15 minutes.


Theme Settings
The Theme Settings are extensive and filled with Pro-only features. The theme available with the free version is Bauhaus. The design is clean and easy to use. It includes a slider and a dropdown menu.

The Theme Settings page has 5 tabs:
General – These settings allow you to alter the output including the number of posts in the listings pages to display featured images, post metadata, comments, slider and how the login form works.
Branding – You have a few options here with color selection, site logo, custom footer content (including HTML), and fonts.
Bookmark Icons – This will determine the icon displayed on your visitor’s home screen when they bookmark your site.
Web-App Mode/Advertising – This is restricted to the Pro version.
Going Pro - Great Features, Appalling Pricing Model

As you go through the setting’s pages for WPtouch, you’ll notice that some options are restricted to the Pro version and are very attractive: more choice of themes, mobile-only content, responsive images and caching to name a few.

Buying a single license for $49 guarantees you all of the Pro features for your site but there’s no caching in a single site license. For that you will need the 5-Pack license for $99. If you want responsive images, you’ll need to buy an Agency license for $199.

WPtouch makes caching and responsive images a premium feature and leans dangerously close to price gouging.

The free version is a decent mobile site for less than 15 minutes of effort.

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