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Liquid Web Hosting Services and Pricing

Liquid Web is a name you might be familiar with if you’ve ever been searching for hosting solutions for your website. This brand has become very popular in recent times, with customers being particularly impressed with the company’s excellent uptime rates, round-the-clock help service and commitment to innovation.

It almost sounds too good to be true, so today we’ll be taking a closer look at this provider. We’ll give you the breakdown of the various plans, features and aspects of the Liquid Web service to help you decide whether or not this company should be looking after your site.

One of the major concerns of any site owner is performance. When choosing a hosting provider, you need to be careful to avoid those low quality companies who simply don’t have the technology to give your site the power it needs. Fortunately, Liquid Web puts a lot of emphasis on performance.

The company boasts of its own, lightning-fast “Storm” technology. Under testing, we can confirm that this provider offers incredible speeds, especially when compared to most other companies. In fact, we often saw pages loading twice as fast as other providers.

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Liquid Web Hosting Speed and Security

As a site owner, it’s important to understand the importance of speed. In the modern world, convenience is king and people expect to get what they want very quickly. If a site is lagging or pages are loading too slowly, the average user will begin to feel frustrated and quickly move on to a different site. That’s why these impressive speeds offered by Liquid Web are so important. By making your site perform to maximum capacity, you’re giving your own business the best chances of success.

The next issue that people usually think about when choosing a hosting provider is security. In the wake of several high profile attacks on online databases, the average internet user is more wary than ever before about the safety of his or her data.

People want to use sites they can trust. Similarly, site owners need to be dealing with trusted providers who can guarantee protection for their sites. If, in the worst case scenario, your site was hacked, all of your data could be lost or stolen in a matter of minutes.

So how well does Liquid Web match up to the competition in terms of security? Fortunately, this company doesn’t make any compromises in that particular department. Boasting its own “Sonar Monitoring” team, Liquid Web works to detect and eliminate any threats before you even notice them yourself.

The company’s servers are under constant observation, meaning that any potential attacks can be halted before they become more serious. What’s great about this is that you, as the site owner, won’t even need to worry or make any effort whatsoever. The staff of Liquid Web do all the hard work for you.

Liquid Web Hosting Support Review

In addition to the Sonar Monitoring team, Liquid Web also has its “Heroic Support” team, ready to deal with any queries or problems that you might encounter during your experience with the company. Problems are rare when dealing with Liquid Web, but if ever they do occur, it’s good to know that you can easily and quickly get in touch with a helpful and highly-trained member of staff.

Liquid Web even has a policy that states that every Heroic Support team member is prepared to go above and beyond the call of duty to solve any problems a client might have. You can get in touch with a helpful staff member via either phone or live chat.

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Liquid Web Services and Pricing

One more thing that really impresses us about Liquid Web is the sheer quantity of products and services on offer. While smaller providers might only be able to sell Shared Hosting plans and one or two other services, Liquid Web has a huge catalog to help you with almost any online activity.

With dedicated servers, add-ons, hybrid hosting, game server hosting, Windows hosting, backups, firewalls, software and many, many other things to choose from on the company’s official site, it can be the perfect place to give you site everything it needs. There are even specific plans for people who use WordPress sites, so you should certainly browse the catalog as you’ll probably find something you need.

This company currently works with four datacenters spread out across North America, with a new center soon to be opened in Europe. It makes use of SSD technology, along with all of the latest advancements to offer the fastest speeds, the best uptime rates and the most reliable servers. What’s more, Liquid Web is actually a privately-owned company and looks after all of its hardware and equipment itself. This gives the company a greater level of control and security over its servers, which translates to a better experience for every user.

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Many different plans and styles of hosting are available, with prices varying quite a lot depending on the type of plan you need and the features you’d like to benefit from. We can’t exactly qualify this company as a budget brand, but the prices are certainly competitive and very reasonable.

You can even pay on a daily basis if you choose, or scale your plan up or down depending on the evolution of your site. It’s very possible to find a plan to suit almost any budget, and that’s a big advantage for this provider. Overall, we’re very impressed with Liquid Web and can recommend it to just about anyone.

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