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This is our top Linode coupon for June. Simply enter it when you register your new account account and enjoy $20 worth of cloud SSD hosting for free.

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Our backup Linode coupon will give you $10 in account credits for free when you open a new Linode account. These credits can be used on your first month's hosting.

How to use our Linode Coupon

linode-logo-couponLinode is a VPS hosting company that offers you the best available options for most businesses to host websites, mobile applications, data storage, cloud computer backups and many more. Their best managed VPS is only $14.99/month and if you are a new customer, you will get a 10% discount on the annual plan and a 15% discount for the second year. So, if you want to choose Linode as your cloud-hosting provider please pay them a visit as soon as possible. And while you do so, don't forget to apply a Linode coupon that you get from us to further increase your savings.

The average savings using Linode Coupons is $13. Besides the regular Linode Coupon, such as Extra $10 Credit on Sign Up and the 24 or 12 Month Discount, you can also get many free goodies to boost up your business online. It has over 80% rate of success and by using it you get to sign up and also an additional $10 free on VPS and a free 1 GB plan. So, what are youwaiting for? Go grab yours!

All the Linode coupon codes available on our site are updated regularly and checked repeatedly for expiry, thus if any Linode coupon expires, we remove it immediately from our site and add newer coupon codes for the better of our visitors. Linode only uses the best hardware available on the market. Overall, you will have a great usability of Linode. You will be able to reboot, rebuild VPS, and see the status of CPU, network and IO.


Linode Services Overview

Linode offers you a wide range of products and services when it comes to cloud-hosting provider and virtual private servers. You get to choose from multiple Linux-based VPS hosting packages at different price points. Linode is an affordable company that people can and do trust. So, let`s see what makes Linode so unbeatable and what are their best VPS Features.

Linode basic package includes 1 GB RAM, 1 CPU Core, 24GB SSD storage, 2 TB data transfer, a wide range of selections from Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS and many more. Please feel free and check yourself all the good stuff they have in store for you. Keep in mind that Linode is a leading business-class hosting provider. It has become a quite popular within webmasters and that is because their VPS solution offers features like full SSH and root access, dedicated IP address and clustering support, managed DNS and multiple options for six data centers located in the USA, Europe and Asia-Pacific. Linode has also integrated a XEN hypervisor technology along with their VPS solution.

That means an extra trust for the server resources and even happier customers. In terms of pricing, you will find that Linode is very affordable and flexible. Linode offers its customers eight plans and you get to choose your own, the one you think it is more suitable for your website. Don`t forget to claim the deal by using the discount they offer for new customers.

Linode Review

Linode proves itself to be one of the best VPS available on the market, offering awesome hosting. Their support, their features, the uptime and the value, all of them are great. When choosing Linode you will have to keep in mind two things. Linode comes along with an installation of Linux and without a tradition control panel, meaning no CPanel or Plesk. But don`t worry, if you want one of them you can order them extra. It might seem scary at first, but it takes couples of hours to learn how everything works. Not to mention the great support they are offering.

Also, there are plenty of tutorials available for you on line. All you have to do is access Linode Library and Slicehost Articles and start from there. For only $20 you can get started, not to mention the discounts. So, if you are a pro and choose to act like one, Linode will surprise you constantly with gifts, such as upgrades for the storage and RAM at no extra costs. And, as a guarantee please be aware that Linode does not oversell their hosting, meaning your resources are actually yours. Chances are, by choosing Linode as your VPS hosting company, you will have an outstanding experience and you will enjoy years of uptime of the server. Customer Service for Linode is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can get in contact with Linode experts whenever you will deal with a problem regarding VPS hosting. They will guide you in the process, leading you, step by step, to find the best solution on whatever your problem is.

In terms of potential drawbacks of Linode, the company doesn't include a server control panel into their packages. That means, if you will choose Linode, you must have a very good accommodation with Linux, especially with Apache, which is a server package management. This can only become a problem if you are not a tech geek. Also, it is possible for you to spend additional cash if you want to install a cPanel or Plesk. Also, Linode provides to all customers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, but the uptime performance is even better that its guarantee.

Company Background

Linode was founded in 2003 by Christopher Aker. Initial expansion of the company took around six months and they definitely have a word to say in the cloud hosting industry. With a revenue of around $22.3 million, this company continues to be a leader in the hosting area. The company headquarters in Galloway, New Jersey. Operating into the internet hosting services, this privately held organization has over fifty employees and more than half of its work force is dedicated to customer service. As they love computers and technology, they live to solve the problems for you.

As Christopher S. Aker, the CEO and the founder of the company, said: “Linode has taken a deliberative, simple approach to everything. That's our core philosophy”. So, there's enough reasons for you to choose their cloud-hosting provider and their virtual private servers. After all, a virtual private server (VPS) it is a whole new experience, meaning you will enjoy the power, the flexibility and the freedom of an awesome hosting. Recently, Linode opened a new data center in Tokyo, Japan in the year 2011.Currently, they are all around the world and they are here to make a difference.

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