Jupiter WordPress Theme Review

Introducing Jupiter, A Complete WordPress Theme

Most small business owners are running their own websites nowadays, from individuals sharing their personal content on blogs to large corporations advertising their products and services. WordPress has made site creation easier than ever, with countless options available to help you craft a site that is truly unique.

With so much choice, it can actually be quite hard for site owners to make decisions, particularly when it comes to themes. The right theme can make or break your site, improving functionality, aesthetics and so much more. The latest trend in the world of WordPress themes is the use of “multipurpose themes”.

Is Jupiter Really a Multipurpose WordPress Theme?

These sorts of themes are designed to suit a wide variety of site styles and users, offering plenty of customization options and flexibility. Unfortunately, a lot of today's themes claim to be multipurpose in an effort to get some bonus sales, but don’t actually come with the necessary features to work well for different users. Today, we’ll take a look at a multipurpose theme that really has been developed with many types of user in mind. The Jupiter WordPress theme is very effective at what it does, with a great design and plenty of options to help you paint the perfect image for your site.

This particular theme was developed just a couple of years ago in 2013 by a talented development team. It has become popular over time, proving very effective as a multipurpose theme for all sorts of users from online stores to simple blogs or magazines. One of the best things about the Jupiter theme is the ease with which it can be navigated.

The layout is sleek and modern, allowing visitors to browse around and find the information they need with ease and rapidity. Nowadays, visitors need to have the best possible experience on your site. If they have any confusion or struggle with navigation, they’ll simply give up and move on. Users of this theme will therefore appreciate the work that has gone into making it very easy to use.

This theme is also very responsive and will adapt to work on a wide variety of screen sizes and devices. Countless people are using phones, tablets and more to access the internet each and every day, so if you want to appeal to the biggest audience possible then you need to have a responsive theme. With Jupiter, you won’t need to worry about visitors encountering any difficulties when trying to access your site. You can also customize the layout in various ways, inserting your own headers and menus. This theme also comes with some beautiful sliders that ensure your visitors will have access to all the information they could possibly need with just a single click.


Jupiter Theme Design and Overall Appearance

This theme also has a great look. It’s stylish and sleek without any unnecessary exuberance. The Jupiter theme has an attractive Parallax-scrolling background that gives your site a special edge and all forms of media, from images to videos, work perfectly and look great. Minimalist styles are very popular lately and the team behind Jupiter has clearly realized this.

The theme has an elegant air and you won’t need to worry about your visitors being confused or overwhelmed by stark colors or overpowering patterns. With this theme installed, each part of your site will fit together seamlessly with the rest.

So how effective is Jupiter as a multipurpose theme? The answer is very. The Jupiter theme was built from the ground up with flexibility and customization in mind. The design is simple and sleek, allowing you to add your own touches and flourishes to create a unique look and layout.

There are a ton of different options for advanced users to modify, but even inexperienced users will be able to make use of Jupiter’s various modification menus to create their own headers and adjust individual site sections. Fonts, sidebars and more can all be changed with ease, meaning you can change this theme to truly suit your business or site style.


Bundled Plugins with Jupiter Theme Package

To make the Jupiter package even more appealing, this theme comes complete with some of the biggest plugins on the WordPress platform and has been fully-optimized to work with them flawlessly. The theme comes with WooCommerce for example, which is the most popular plugin for people who want to run online stores. It also include Contact Form 7, a great choice for allowing visitors to get in touch with you.

The Revolution Slider is also included, along with WordPress SEO to help your site get more visitors and the Limit Login Attempts plugin to keep you safe from certain types of hacking. The W3 Total Cache and Regenerate Thumbnails plugins are also included for bonus functionality.

Overall, the Jupiter theme completely fulfils the definition of a multipurpose theme. It has a super look and can be easily and swiftly modified in almost any way you like. For both site owners and site users, this theme is attractive and easy to use. The fact that it comes with a range of effective and popular plugins only helps to make it even better value for money. It runs smoothly and can fit nicely on a wide variety of sites. Whether you’re looking to run your own photo blog, business portfolio site or something else altogether, the Jupiter theme is a great choice.

Overall, if you are looking for a WordPress theme that can do just about anything out of the box, and is capable of growing as you and your business grow, Jupiter is a no-brainer choice.

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