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How to Use Your iStockphoto Coupon Codes

istockphoto-logoThe process of using your iStockphoto coupon codes isn’t particularly complicated, but you still need to be careful to follow the necessary steps and ensure that your discounts or promotions have been properly applied before confirming any purchase or making payment.

First of all, you’ll need to decide on the contents of your order, whether it be for credits or a subscription, and then find a suitable coupon code. As with all coupons, these ones have their own terms and conditions and will only be valid in certain instances, so make sure to read the small print. New codes are constantly arriving and older ones will expire, so check all of the details before entering your code.

After choosing your order and entering your personal information (name, address, etc.) you should scroll down and see a “Next Step” button. Just alongside this button will be a box that invites you to “Enter a promo code”. You simply need to copy and paste your coupon code into this box. However, unlike other sites you may have used in the past, your savings won’t appear immediately.

You’ll need to click on the “Next Step” button to confirm your coupon code and view your savings on the next page. So, be sure to verify that your savings have been applied before continuing to the payment process. In addition, please be aware that coupon codes may not be used in conjunction with other offers and cannot be combined.


iStockphoto Company Background

iStockphoto is a Canada-based, royalty free microstock provider, offering millions of different images, videos, audio clips and more with a credit-based payment system and various subscription plans. The company was originally founded as a free service in the year 2000 by Bruce Livingstone.

Over the years, the company’s popularity levels surged and payments plans were introduced as the site’s library of royalty-free content grew and grew. The site is undoubtedly one of the leaders in the microstock industry, with countless users and an almost unlimited database of content.

As iStockphoto grew over time, the site began to expand around the globe and now offers support for its service in a wide variety of languages, including French, German and Spanish. In addition, the company accepts payment plans in a myriad of currencies from countries across the world, opening the doors of its microstock library to a global audience. It is therefore no surprise that a huge amount of users take advantage of iStockphoto’s reams of content, with people making use of royalty-free music, images and videos for their own personal projects.

iStockphoto Services Overview

For many years, iStockphoto worked on a credit-based system and this is still active today. Users are able to buy credits in various set amounts for different prices. For example, a small batch of six credits can be purchased for the reasonable price of $60. For people with greater requirements, packs of up to three hundred credits can be purchased for prices up to $2,400.

Larger packs of credits are offered with discounts, meaning it can be quite a smart decision to buy extra credits and make a saving in the long-term. These credits can then be exchanged for royalty-free content, with the price of individual items varying depending on their size and quality. For instance, a small and simple image will only cost a single credit, while a larger image or a simple video clip could cost six credits.


Naturally, prices are relative to the content you wish to purchase, but every piece of content is instantly downloadable and your credits will never expire, allowing customers to use their credits whenever they need to. To make it easier to find the content you desire, iStockphoto breaks its content down into themes like “Nature”, “Business”, “Food” and more, and also offers an effective search system to help you find the exact image or video you need.

Recently, some new subscription services have been introduced at iStockphoto to cater to individuals or businesses in need of regular content. These plans are available in both monthly and yearly varieties and provide users with generous amounts of images per month.

The most basic one month plan is priced at $199 and allows users to download 250 images from the entire catalogue of “Essentials”. For people who are in need of the very top quality images, a “Signature” subscription plan is available for $399 that opens up the whole image library to users and allows them to select 250 of the very best images that iStockphoto has to offer.

When it comes to the annual plans, these two themes are offered once again, but with incredible savings. The annual “Essentials” plan allows you to download 750 images per month for just $166.58 each month. The same system applies for the “Signature” plan with a cost of $333.25 per month.

These annual subscription plans essentially triple your monthly limits for a fraction of the cost, offering incredible value for money.

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