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Our iPage Review

iPage is currently regarded as one of the biggest and best hosting platforms in the business, offering unrivalled shared plans and promising incredible uptime rates, with super performance levels to boot. The company has been around for quite some time and can currently boast of managing sites for more than a million customers.

After a successful relaunch back in the latter months of 2009, iPage has quickly become one of the world’s go-to sources for reliable hosting solutions, but is it really as good as it sounds? Today, we’ll write up our own review of the iPage service and let you know whether or not this provider can be recommended for your own hosting needs.

iPage Pricing Overview

We’re going to begin with one of the main factors that draws people to this brand: the price. With such a lot of competition in the hosting industry these days, brands have to offer competitive and affordable plans in order to attract new customers and remain popular.

That’s clearly something that the folks at iPage have understood, as this company offers some of the best value plans we’ve ever seen. The plans at iPage start at just $1.99 for new customers. When compared to almost every single one of this brand’s competitors, iPage comes out on top. It’s nearly impossible to find cheaper hosting than this, so if you’re working with a limited budget and need a plan that works for you, this could be the company to consider.

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iPage Features and Services

We have reviewed and analyzed a lot of different hosting providers, and the thing we always notice is that most of them basically provide the same set of features. These days, the majority of companies provide things like round-the-clock customer support, reliable security, free domain registration, unlimited bandwidth, and much more.

iPage is no exception, and it offers all of those things for a super low price. There’s no need to go somewhere and pay extra if you’re already getting the exact some features, and that’s why iPage is one of our top recommendations for people in need of shared hosting solutions. The money you save from subscribing to an iPage plan can be put to better use elsewhere in your business.

ipage pricingWith such a low price tag, you might have some reservations about the performance capabilities of this host, but fortunately we’re here to put your mind at ease. Having run several sites with iPage’s hosting plan, we can report that this provider is able to offer excellent uptime rates and very competitive server speeds.

The company makes use of advanced technology to keep your site up as much as possible, as well as providing a smooth navigating experience for your visitors. Nowadays, people will quickly move on if they land on a site that performs poorly. To build up an audience of loyal followers and customers, you need your site to function effectively and iPage can offer that guarantee.

Obviously, as iPage is effectively classed as a budget provider and offers so much functionality for such a low price, you can’t expect the absolute best levels of performance at all times. Things can go wrong with any provider, but one extra advantage of iPage is that the staff are highly-trained and absolutely dedicated to keeping their customers satisfied.

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iPage Customer Support

The company runs a 24/7 customer support system which allows you get in touch with a friendly team member via phone, chat or email whenever you need to. The iPage team is committed to resolving problems as quickly and securely as possible, so you shouldn’t have to worry about any unwanted issues outstaying their welcome.

Another great advantage of getting your hosting with iPage is that you won’t need to waste any time getting the whole thing set up. You can sign up for an iPage account in a matter of seconds and order your plan with ease. Even if you have zero technical experience, you won’t feel any sense of confusion or complexity when dealing with this company.

Everything has been simplified and streamlined to allow iPage customers to focus on more important matters. What’s more, the company is also dedicated to ecological matters and promises to support renewable energy sources as much as it can, which has to go down as another positive point.


Not only is iPage incredibly cheap, but new customers are also given an anytime money back guarantee. With many other providers, you’re given a 30-day window in which to claim a refund and cancel your plan, but you can cancel your iPage plan whenever you want. This is an amazing offer and also shows how hard the iPage team will fight to retain the loyalty of its customers.

If we had to come up with one criticism of this company, it’s that they do bombard you with free trials when you sign up, but this is one of the ways that they are able to keep their prices so low. It’s easy enough to ignore the trials and they won’t interfere with your hosting in any way, so overall we’re very impressed with iPage and have to recommend it to anyone looking for an affordable, yet effective hosting solution for their site.

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