Introducing Media Temple Managed Hosting Solutions

Why Webmasters are Moving to Media Temple

Many companies have the creative ability and enough technical know-how to operate their own website, but very few can manage their own server. This is where Media Temple steps in allowing you to harness the power of a dedicated server, without having to have the technical know-how to maintain it. Whether you need managed WordPress hosting, fully managed cloud services, or the power of dedicated hosting without the hassle with managed VPS hosting, Media Temple's managed hosting solutions are second to none.

With so many different hosting solutions available nowadays, it can be overwhelming and confusing for the majority of site owners to find the service that is right for them. This results in people making poor decisions and ultimately wasting money on plans they don’t need.

On the other hand, there are other site owners who subscribe to plans that simply aren’t good enough to support the volume of traffic on their sites. Clearly, more people need to become educated about the various hosting plans available in order to make the best decisions. Your site needs to have great functionality and, at the same time, you shouldn’t be spending more money than you need to.

Media Temple is one of the fastest-growing web hosting providers in the business. The company has developed a reputation for providing reliable and friendly service to its countless customers. If you’re on the lookout for some powerful and affordable web hosting, Media Temple is definitely a provider to consider. The company is going from strength to strength in recent times and has recently updated its catalogue of hosting plans to ensure that every customer will be able to enjoy the fastest speeds without jeopardizing the status of their sites.

Media Temple Managed Hosting

Managed hosting is just one of many different web hosting solutions available to you today with Media Temple. Many site owners are inexperienced with technical terminology and the term “Managed Hosting” can be quite broadly interpreted, depending on the provider you deal with. Let’s take a look at what exactly Media Temple’s Managed Hosting service really is. As one can surmise from the name of this type of hosting, it essentially includes a management service on the part of the provider.

This means that the provider will actually control most of your site for you, running various checks, installing updates, configuring the hardware and more. This system is designed for site owners who don’t have the time, knowledge or desire to bother themselves with the day-to-day complexities that come with running a site.

The individual aspects of these sorts of plans will vary depending on their content, but by definition, a managed hosting solution should offer certain features by default. These features include the installation of the operating system and any new updates that arrive, the installation of various apps, security scans to remove any malware, the preparation of backups to repair if big problems ever arise, and regular performance monitoring too. Unfortunately, some providers out there will skimp on these services and not actually include them all in their plans. Media Temple, however, ensures that all of its managed solutions come complete with these services.


Using The Grid as a Managed Hosting Service

Media Temple recently made some improvements to its managed shared hosting platform, known as Grid, ensuring that this platform now provides everything a customer could ever desire in a managed hosting service. The Grid hosting plans come with full support from Media Temple’s highly-trained staff. They will work to keep the OS fully up-to-date and working smoothly at all times, as well as providing plenty of easy-to-use apps that are also updated often.

Grid plans also come with SMART (Secure Malware Alert and Removal Tool) protection, which works to scan your site for any malicious activity or software and keeps your files safe. This is a big bonus for site owners as cyber attacks are becoming more frequent and the arsenal of tools at a hacker’s disposition continues to grow. There are many ways in which your site can be attacked, so it’s important to have reliable security.

The Grid plans also come complete with regular site performance monitoring. This means that the Media Temple staff will keep track of countless important statistics and data from your site to ensure smooth and reliable running at all times. They’ll also prepare backups of your database every 30 days. This way, if anything ever goes wrong, your site can be restored to perfect working order at the click of a button.

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Other types of managed plans with Media Temple will come with additional features, for example their Managed WordPress solution offers additional tiers of caching and various pieces of software to help with site creation and upkeep. It also comes with site cloning, which can be a big help for WordPress users.

Web hosting can be a tricky business with so many different terms and plans being offered these days. Choosing the right solution can be the difference between your website succeeding or failing, so it’s a very important part of the website management process. Be sure to check out all of the plans on offer and feel free to speak to Media Temple staff before making any purchases.

Their team will be able to guide you through the various aspects and features, helping you to make the right choice. Other providers may try to sell hosting solutions without the required set of features, but you won’t have to worry about this problem with Media Temple. This provider is committed to offering the best plans and top quality service for your various hosting needs.

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