Introducing HostNine Shared Hosting from $3.45

There are so many companies that do website hosting that it is hard to know which one to choose. If you want a web host that offers excellent security, a choice of flexible plans to suit your needs and grow with you as needed and a caring professional team that really works hard to support their customers and help them reach their full potential as website owners than look no further than HostNine Shared Hosting.

For the past three years we have been using and testifying to the greatness of HostNine reseller hosting. We were put onto this great service by another development company, gave it a try and have been hooked ever since. However we didn't jump into a shared hosting plan from H9 until around a year ago, when a client needed affordable speed, but didn't want to host through us. We were amazed at just how fast and reliable the shared service was and have started recommending it as one of our preferred shared hosting products.

You will find all of that along with guaranteed 99% uptime and even a risk free trial period. Give one of their three excellent hosting plans that offer amazing value and great benefits a try. Our HostNine coupon codes for this month will save you 20% on an annual hosting purchase, or 100% on a monthly hosting purchase.

HostNine Personal Shared Hosting Plan

For the low monthly cost of $3.45 with a one year contract the Personal Plan is a good value. Servers for this plan are located in the USA although you need not live in the US in order to take advantage of this valuable plan. Perfect for those just starting out or individuals that run a small online business this plan allows for one domain. Storage space and bandwidth are both unlimited. For those doing ecommerce applications, collecting sensitive personal data and accepting credit cards there are two necessary extras.

For an additional $39.95 per year you will receive your SSL certificate which is required if you plan on accepting credit cards. For $2/month you will also receive a dedicated IP that is essential for credit card and other sensitive data collection. You will also receive an installed version of cPanel that will allow you to manage your settings.

HostNine Business Shared Hosting Plan

The most popular plan offered by HostNine is the Business Plan which allows you to host up to 100 domains on your account. At a respectable cost of $5.95 per month with a one year contract this is a great value plan. Hosting is done in several US cities, in the UK, Singapore and the Netherlands. Again, storage space and bandwidth are unlimited. Costs for a dedicated IP remain at $2 per month and an SSL certificate is an additional $39.95. Again these are essential for those relying on credit card payments or who are collecting sensitive data from site visitors. You will have the ability to manage your hosting settings using cPanel.

HostNine Enterprise Shared Hosting Plan

This plan is really the best overall value that HostNine offers. Not only do you get the unlimited bandwidth and storage that the other plans offer but you also get included at no extra cost both the dedicated IP and the SSL certificate that you are going to need in order to really engage in profitable ecommerce. You will have 100 domains with this account including free 1-year domain registration which is a nice way to save you some extra money. Of course, cPanel is also included so that you can manage your hosting settings easily. All of this is an astoundingly low $8.45 per month.


HostNine offers both email support and phone support which are easily accessible and staffed by professionals who really know how to troubleshoot, answer your questions and care about our clients. Support is available 24/7 365 days a year. Using cPanel will make any website owner feel like he is a real pro. Managing and monitoring your website could not possibly be any easier. Talk about making life easy for the website owner! Softaculous is an exciting part of the cPanel package that allows users to download multiple applications such as WordPress or Joomla with one simple click.

In addition to all of the wonderful perks already mentioned HostNine offers webmasters a free website builder. Just a few clicks and you can have a website all set up and ready to go. One click and you can be monitoring and managing that site with cPanel. It just doesn’t get much easier. With so many available templates there is bound to be the perfect backdrop for your site just waiting for you to take a few minutes to really set up something spectacular.

award-winning-shared-hostingIt is so quick and easy to have your own website hosted by professionals who are always available to make sure your site stays up and running, that offers unlimited storage and bandwidth and makes monitoring and website building as easy as it could possibly be. From the greenest beginner to the most seasoned web entrepreneur, anyone can find the perfect hosting package and build the perfect website.

Imagine having a website that was easy to build, that drives your business or delivers your message, that is easy to maintain, that is up and running nearly all the time, and that is hosted by a group that is always there to give you the support you need to keep things running 24/7 all year long. That’s HostNine Shared Hosting……as good as anything you can imagine.

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