Introducing DreamHost DreamPress 2

DreamHost DreamPress WordPress Hosting Review

Managed WordPress hosting is the latest big thing online, with countless site owners signing up to enjoy the benefits of these specialized hosting plans. There are a lot of providers out there all trying to be the best, and one of the leading companies in the game is DreamHost.

DreamHost originally proposed its DreamPress service back in 2013, with many site owners quickly adopting this plan and enjoying its unique features. However, the developers felt that they could be doing more and proposing an even better service for their users. Enter DreamPress 2. The latest service outperforms its predecessor in every possible way.

It comes complete with a whole host of unique features that will easily help it stand out from the crowd. Today, we’ll give you a full overview of the new DreamPress 2 service and help you decide if this is the right hosting plan for your site.

DreamHost's History of Innovation

DreamHost has been in the hosting business for nearly two decades now. The company has been around since 1997 and has spent all of those years expanding its knowledge and providing increasingly impressive products. One thing everyone wants when choosing a hosting provider is reliability and trust. With DreamHost, you know you’re dealing with professionals who have years of experience working with all of the latest technologies and dealing with countless customers.

This is already a very positive point, and when we talk a closer look at DreamPress 2 we can begin to identify many more advantages. With too many features to list, including auto-scaling RAM, unlimited email addresses, round-the-clock customer support, daily backups and $100 of Google AdWords credit, DreamPress 2 is an incredibly appealing hosting solution for the average site owner.

A lot of site owners simply don’t have the time to spend scrolling through pages of menus and dealing with issues on their sites. Fortunately, you’ll be getting a very intuitive and clean-looking interface with DreamPress 2. The customer dashboard offered by DreamHost gets the job done without the need for any flair or fuss. It’s also very easy to set up.

DreamHost even offers you the ability to register a brand new domain name and subscribe to a hosting plan for your new site with ease. They also offer unlimited email accounts with DreamPress 2, so you won’t need to worry about that either. Whether you already have a domain or need to make a new one, the setting-up phase is short and sweet. DreamHost do all of the hard work for you and even go to the trouble of installing WordPress. All-in-all, you’ll only have to wait about 45 minutes to be up-and-running, which is very impressive.

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DreamHost DreamPress 2 Effect on Website Speed

For site owners, speed is everything. If visitors experience lag or sluggish performance on your site, they’ll quickly move on to something else. In order to build an image as a reliable business, you need a site that runs quickly and smoothly at all times. Fortunately, DreamPress 2 offers excellent results in that department. Tests show that sites running DreamPress 2 can load in just 0.8 seconds on average.

That sort of speed is right up at the top of the leaderboards, so you won’t need to worry about rival businesses or websites having better performance levels than you. Another important factor is uptime; for every minute your site is down, you’re losing out on potential views and business transactions. Once again, DreamPress 2 is a reliable service that should keep your site up-and-running as often as possible.


DreamPress Security

In this day and age, with several high-profile cyber-attacks having taken place in recent years, the general public are increasingly concerned with digital safety measures and the privacy of their data. This is obviously something that site owners need to take into account. If your site is ever the victim of a malicious attack, you could lose your data, jeopardize your customers’ privacy and encounter all sorts of other problems.

Once again, the team at DreamHost clearly put plenty of consideration into this aspect of their service. DreamPress 2 automatically creates daily WordPress backups that will be on hand for any emergencies. The service also provides you with all of the latest WordPress updates, so your site won’t be left behind. In addition, there’s a Web Application Firewall (WAF) that has been specifically optimized for use with WordPress. This WAF will defend your site against a variety of different hacking techniques.

One of the most unique aspects of DreamHost’s DreamPress 2 service is the fact that they claim to impose no limits on your monthly visitor count. This means that your site will be able to deal with huge amounts of traffic without any noticeable slowdown or lag. The company themselves say that a site could receive up to 2.1 million visitors per month with ease, and that’s a very impressive claim. This becomes even more interesting when you look at the price of the service: just $25 per month.

Compared to the competition, DreamPress 2 really excels in this aspect as some other rival providers charge $30 or even $40 with limits of 25,000 visitors per month. Overall, DreamHost have developed a very impressive service here. DreamPress 2 offers unparalleled speeds and some special features that set it apart from the crowd. To make the deal sweeter, all of this can be yours for a very good price.

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