Introducing A Small Orange Web Design Services

Those who are looking for great web design need look no further than A Small Orange. Here you will find home-grown hosting, created on a bespoke level for each client. The idea is to make it all very easy for you, the client. While you may have picked out a domain and even had a logo designed, setting up a website can be more complicated. With the services provided by A Small Orange, you can have everything set up for you.

The best thing is that it can all be customised to your individual needs. You pick out the services and features that you require, and forget about the rest. They will not overcomplicate things for you. You pay a flat rate price, rather than seeing the cost go up with every added extra. They have a website expert on hand who can create everything on your behalf.

If you need reassurance, they have example sites available on their own page for you to check out. They even have two different pricing packages that you can choose from to get you started.

A Small Orange's Standard Web Design Package

The standard web design package is best for those who just want a simple web presence. It may be your first website, and you want it to look professional and work well right from the outset. It comes at a price of $799.99, with no additional pricing coming later on to maintain it.

With this package you will have your own dedicated design coordinator, who looks after your every need. You can also choose from their collection of premium templates to pick one which suits your needs best. They will use industry leading CMS to create a website which looks professional.

You can have up to 10 pages of content, and you can revise the first draft twice until you get something that is perfect for you. When the site has been perfected, you also get full control and ownership of everything on it.

eCommerce Web Design Package from A Small Orange

Then there is the e-commerce web design package, perfect for small businesses. If you want to sell something online, this is the right choice for you. Again, you get your own design coordinator, as well as a premium template from their catalogue. You can still have two revisions, and also full control and ownership once everything has been finished off.

Along with all of this, you also get up to 10 products added into your shop, with the option to purchase extra bundles if you wish. The 10 pages of content that you are assigned do not include the product pages. You can even have full integration of all major payment and shipping options so that your business is ready to run from the start.

Be aware that there are some things you have to provide yourself. You can request to them to create a logo for you, but this will cost extra. You will also need to fill in the content and text on the site, but you will be guided on how to do this once the site has been finished. When it comes to images, however, they have a library for you to choose from. These are royalty free, meaning they come at no additional cost. Of course, you can provide your own images if you have them.

The typical process is very simple. Once you have ordered your package, you will be sent a welcome email with specific details. Within three business days of this, your web expert will get in touch. They will take your business details, and any other materials that are needed for the team to get started. Then you can also check on the progress of your project with their tracking system. You can even make your own project comments there that the team will be able to pick up.

At the end of the drafting stage, the web experts will with you everything with you. Once it has been finished, the files will be sent to you, so that you can upload them.

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