How to Install WordPress on A Small Orange

Step-by-Step Guide to Install WordPress on A Small Orange

A Small Orange is a very popular and reliable web hosting provider, so it’s normal that you might turn to this company for your own hosting needs. If you run your own WordPress site, you’ll be glad to know that it shouldn’t take too long to get your site up-and-running on A Small Orange’s servers. In fact, the whole process can be completed in less than five minutes.

In times gone by, WordPress users were forced to spend an unnecessary amount of time downloading and installing various files, as well as adjusting countless settings to get everything working properly. Nowadays, the whole process has been streamlined and we’re going to talk you through the whole thing. By following this guide, you can have your WordPress site working with A Small Orange in a matter of minutes.

installing wordpress using softaculous

Installing WordPress from A Small Orange cPanel, Using Softaculous

To make this process as straightforward as possible, we’ll be using cPanel and Softaculous. First, you’ll need to log into the relevant cPanel account for your site. Then, you can head over to the ‘Software’ area and find the Softaculous App Installer. Click on this to proceed with the installation.

Once you open Softaculous, pop-up should appear asking you to confirm the process, and you can simply click to continue. Then you’ll come to the ‘Software Setup’ box, which should present you with several options to configure and adjust. We’ll go through each of these options in turn and tell you what to do.

The top option should be labelled ‘Choose Protocol’, but you can carry on without touching that one. The next option asks you to choose a domain, and you can simply click on the box on the right to see a list of sites and select the right one.

The third box is labelled ‘In Directory’ and here you’ll need to actually click on the box and delete the ‘wp’ from it. Finally, you’ll come to the ‘Database Name’ option, but you can leave this one as it is without making any further adjustments. You can then proceed to the next step of the process.


Configuring Your WordPress Database and Site Settings

Now we’ll need to edit a few other settings. First, you’ll be taken to the ‘Database Settings’ screen, but you don’t need to change anything here, so click to continue to the next area. This next page should be labelled ‘Site Settings’, and there are a couple of things to adjust here.

First of all, you are able to enter your site’s name or title in the ‘Modify Site Name’ box. You can also enter your own description in the ‘Modify Site Description’ area. You can put whatever you like in these areas, but you’ll naturally want to keep the content relevant to your site. The final option on this screen is labelled ‘Enable Multisite’, but you shouldn’t need to worry about that, so leave the box unticked.

The next step is to go to the ‘Admin Account’ page and sort out a few administrative things before finalizing your installation. First, you should change the admin username to something more secure. By default, this will be simply set to ‘admin’, but you should insert another name here. This is an important thing to do for the security of your site, so don’t skip this step.

choosing a secure passwordYou should also choose a very secure password for this account. If someone was able to hack into your admin account, they’d have full control over your site, so be sure to invent a password that people won’t be able to guess. The ‘Admin Account’ page actually offers the option to generate a password for you. To do this, click on the icon shaped like a key.

Staying in this area, you should also enter a safe email address that you will be able to use in the future to control the account. Be sure not to use an address that you’ve forgotten the password to or don’t have access to. You’ll also see an option to select different languages, but you can leave this set to default.

limit login attempts wordpress plugin on a small orange

This next step is optional, but it could be worth doing to make your site more secure. You can tick the ‘Limit Login Attempts’ box, as this will prevent any malicious users from attempting to hack into your account by testing lots of different passwords. This is simply a plugin that will automatically be installed and activated, and essentially protects you from brute force attacks.

Next, you can head over to the ‘Advanced Options’ area and make any extra changes you feel necessary. This step is only for advanced users and isn’t entirely necessary, so don’t worry about it if you’d rather stick to the basics.

Before we complete the install, you’ll just need to enter your email address in the ‘Email Installation Details To’ box. Once that’s done, you can finally click on the install button to finish the process. You can then head over to your WordPress dashboard, log in with your new username and password, and have full control of your site. At this point, your site should be all set-up with A Small Orange, but do remember to keep up with any new updates that get released for WordPress in the future.

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