InMotion Hosting Review

InMotion Shared and WordPress Hosting Review

InMotion is a fast-growing hosting provider that has been generating a lot of positivity in recent times. New users are flocking to this company every day, with InMotion having a reputation of being equally popular with advanced and inexperienced users. The company itself got started way back in 2001 and has a lot of experience in the hosting industry, managing to remain completely independent and currently celebrating its 15th of existence. Having tested out InMotion’s services, we’re here to give you a full and frank assessment of this provider’s hosting solutions.

When searching for web hosting, there are several different factors you’ll probably be looking for. Customer support is often an important aspect of the service, so let’s begin there. Fortunately, InMotion does a really good job in this area. The company knows that not everyone has years of experience and qualifications in web development, and little hiccups problems can occur from time to time.

The brand therefore offers excellent support systems via email, chat, phone and tickets. Helpful and friendly members of staff are on hand to solve your issues and answer your queries. When a problem arises, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing that you won’t have to wait for hours and hours to get some help.


Server and Hosting Performance Review

So the customer service is top notch, but how about the actual hosting performance? Well, we’re glad to report that InMotion doesn’t disappoint here either. When you sign up for some web hosting, you want reliability, speed and security for your site. We can measure the relative quality of any provider in lots of different ways, but it doesn’t really matter which test you use, as InMotion always comes out on top.

The company is able to boast of 99.99% uptime and we haven’t seen any indication of major downtime periods at all. Similarly, speeds have been proven to be very impressive with this provider. Unlike less scrupulous competitors, InMotion doesn’t cut any corners when trying to offer the best user experiences.

Moving on to the ease-of-use, the InMotion team does a fine job of making its hosting plans approachable and easy to understand. Each plan comes with cPanel access, with cPanel being the most common and intuitive user interface currently in use throughout the hosting industry. It’s a flexible system that new users will quickly be able to adapt to. Other providers force users to make separate cPanel accounts, but InMotion lets you handle everything from one single dashboard.

A handy one-click installer is also available directly from the dashboard, giving you everything you need right at your fingertips. Similarly, if ever your site grows too large for your current plan, you can upgrade your subscription with ease and rapidity, without having to perform any complicated procedures.


InMotion Has Your Back With a 90 Day Guarantee and Free Data Backups

Another big advantage of InMotion is that this company offers free data backups to protect your site in emergency situations. Plenty of other providers actually charge additional fees for backups, but the folks at InMotion know how important it can be to have the option to restore your data. Other handy features included in InMotion’s plans include free site transfers, Google Ads and Google Apps integration.

You’ll also benefit from a very impressive 90-day guarantee, providing you with a full refund if you aren’t satisfied with the hosting services you have received. It’s rare to see such long guarantees, and this just goes to show how much faith this company has in its hosting solutions.


Plans and Pricing

The final big factor that every site owner needs to consider is price. Everyone has different budgets and the costs of plans can vary wildly from one provider to the next. InMotion’s pricing structure is fair, with basic plans being priced very cheaply, and more fully-featured options costing a little more than the average. It’s important to remember that you get what you pay for in the hosting industry.

A high quality plan with InMotion might have a higher price tag than another company, but it will come with all of the excellent service and features mentioned above. If you want to benefit from top quality customer service, reliable performance and plenty of useful features, this provider could be just right for you.

InMotion offers a wide range of hosting solutions, including classic shared plans, virtual private servers, dedicated servers and even WordPress hosting. You can also choose to invest in site creation tools, domains and other useful services with this provider. Put simply, there’s a lot to like about InMotion. This company manages to tick all of the boxes and should satisfy the requirements of every site owner, from an individual blog runner to a large business in need of a dedicated plan.

Overall, we can’t find many flaws with the InMotion service and have had nothing but positive experiences with this company. The price point might be too high for some, but most of the plans remain perfectly affordable for the vast majority of users. The high standards of site performance and customer support are more than deserving of those few extra pennies.

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