Improve Your Content Marketing for 2016

Do Better Content Marketing for 2016

No matter whether your business is small or large, content marketing is vital in the modern world. With so many sites competing for customers’ attention, your marketing strategy can be enough to make or break your business. Not everyone can afford to run their own ads or organize large-scale marketing campaigns. That’s where content marketing comes in. This form of marketing uses your own content to promote your site.

It’s all dependent on you and your staff making interesting and exciting pieces of content that lots of people will be interested in seeing. Essentially, this is a free form of marketing that will help you generate new leads and get more visitors to your site. Today we’ll be looking at some of the best ways to maximize the efficiency of your content marketing campaign.

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What is Content Marketing and How Can You Benefit?

As the name suggests, content marketing is all about content. This means that the first and most important tip to improve the effectiveness of your own marketing is to produce the best content possible. This can be difficult for some people; the internet is filled with content and it can be hard to produce new and interesting pieces. To help you out, we would advise not getting too concerned with choosing the right subject or overanalyzing your texts.

Just keep it simple. Think about the visitors to your site and ask yourself what sort of content those people would like to see. You could even run a survey or check out the comments on your pages to get your visitors’ opinions. Once you identify the needs of your audience, you can respond to them with tailor-made content.

Content Marketing and WordPress

Another great tip for WordPress users in particular is to make use of a great theme. Choosing the right theme for your site can really make a big difference to your traffic levels. There are lots of great themes out there that will help to attract new people to your site and keep them coming back. One great example is the Total Content Marketing theme.

This theme is reliable, works quickly and has a sleek and modern style. It won’t cost you too much money and comes with lots of different options and features. Whether you choose to use this theme or another one altogether, it’s important to make your site look as attractive as possible for potential customers and followers.

A big part of content marketing is sharing your content via social media networks. It’s therefore important to promote your site on the big networks like Facebook and Twitter. No matter whether you’re running a simple photography blog or a website for a huge company, social media is one of the best ways to get in touch with your followers.

You can share any new content you create on these sites and even add share buttons to your various webpages. This way, your visitors themselves will be able to share and promote your site with the click of a button. A great plugin for WordPress users is called Social Warfare. This plugin will allow you to add social media buttons to your site and helps to optimize your content sharing with preset Twitter quotes and other great features.

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Keeping Users Engaged... Make a Schedule and Stick to It

You shouldn’t just focus on upping the quality of your content, you also need to stick to a schedule as well. Depending on the size of your site and business, you should be posting one or more new posts on a daily basis. Too many site owners start off in a zealous way, posting dozens of articles in the early weeks of a site’s life. Afterwards, these people tend to lose interest and forget to post new content.

If you want to build up a loyal following of customers, you need to keep them interest with fresh updates. Develop your own posting schedule and try to stick to it each day. You could even make use of the Editorial Calendar plugin which will help you schedule posts and stay organized. This plugin is completely free and very handy to have installed.

Email's Role in a Successful Content Marketing Plan

You also shouldn’t overlook the email side of content marketing. Even if social media is dominating the headlines, email marketing is still very important. You should therefore add a simple contact or signup form to your site in order to get the email addresses of your clients and visitors. Afterwards, you’ll be able to send these people newsletters and updates.

If you’re a WordPress user looking for a great mail plugin, give MailChimp a try. This is a completely free and very popular plugin that will organize your mailing lists and even automatically send out newsletters and other messages for you.

There are several other useful plugins that every WordPress site owner should consider installing to improve the efficiency of their content marketing strategies. The first is CoSchedule. This premium plugin is similar to Editorial Calendar; it will help you organize a posting schedule and also includes social media integration. This plugin is easy to use and is a big timesaver for busy business owners.

Instead of running multiple plugins and organizing a variety of calendars for the different sites you use, CoSchedule lets you handle everything from one dashboard. Another good plugin is Google Analyticator. This is free and will let you view the statistics of your site, helping you adjust your marketing methods to suit the trends of your site. Finally, we can also recommend Sprout Social. This lets you see how effective your social media marketing is. It comes with lots of features and allows you to target your audience more directly.

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