How to Start a Fashion Blog

Since the inception of the Internet, fashion has become one of the most globalized topics throughout the whole world. In modern times it is now possible to just click on a website in order to view the latest fashion trends with all kinds of people being influenced all over the world into the latest fashion trends that wouldn't normally be feasible for them to pull off.

Unsurprisingly so, it isn't a surprise that fashion is no doubt one of the most popular topics on the internet. 10 years ago it would have been common to see young girls and boys dressed in their favorite superhero or barbie t-shirt, but now due to the influence of the internet, it seems that everybody wants to dress the same as the celebrity on the front cover of vogue magazine, no matter the age.


Why Start a Fashion Blog?

To fully engage just how big the fashion industry has become due to the internet, a recent study by Google revealed that people who surf online want to learn about fashion and that style and beauty are some of the most searched for how-to guides throughout the whole web. With most people keeping an eye on the latest fashion, some want to take it further and write about new styles and their own styles and items of clothing whilst also wanting to inspire keen readers.

Becoming a fashion blogger comes with greater rewards other than inspiring people as it is common that with enough readers, the blogger will receive free clothes and accessories and also make-up for you to write about and to promote the company’s products. If that wasn't a big enough incentive, successful bloggers will also receive regular invites to fashion shows and events which can allow the writer to gain experience of the industry which will subsequently allow for writing styles to be nurtured. With such great potential benefits and with it also being a fantastic hobby, there really is no better way to gain a firm foot into the industry.

Find Success as a Fashion Blogger

imagesTo be a successful blogger, the first thing to divulge is how you will make your blog stand out from the crowd and the appeal it will bring. You should take some time on this and fully map out your niche, whether that is through your personality and style or if its because your blog will appeal to the fashion of women or men of all ages. You should also think about your background and passion.

What did you study at university? Can you use the lessons you learned at university to aid the blog such as projects that were aimed at the general public?

The topic that you plan to blog about should also be well-thought about and it should certainly be a topic that you have a lot of passion and love for. With passion, the blog is likely to be much more informative and well researched allowing for the readers to gage the love you truly have for the particular topic. With passion and a deep knowledge for the genre of your choice, this will give you much confidence in the continuation of the sometimes-difficult day-to-day blogging.

Starting a Fashion Blog

sample-fashion-blog-layoutI know many of you reading this article right now have probably been thinking to commit to blogging for a good while and while it is wise to think about the commitment blogging actually takes, if you are determined and passionate enough, then the best way is to just start right now, right this second. WordPress is a fantastic and one of the most popular platforms for bloggers to begin their journey as it is very intuitive and easy to understand and control. You need absolutely no experience whatsoever and it only takes about 5 minutes to start a website. All you need for a WordPress site is a domain name and a web server space to work. A domain name is the address that people will type in order for them to be able to access your server space which is where all of your blog content and files are hosted online. The simplest way for any beginners is BlueHost which is provides by far the easiest setup process and as well as being easy to use, it offers a free domain name and an affordable hosting account with unlimited space.

Once you have decided that you want to go ahead and commit to writing a regular blog, all that is left to do is think of your domain name. When trying to think of a name, this goes without saying, but be creative and try and think of something catchy and it is important that you keep your domain name in-line with the topic of your blog so people know exactly what they are entering before they click onto your page. Not only will potential readers know what your blog is about, it will also show them that you are serious about blogging and not 'just another fashion blog'. Professionalism can really make a difference and it seriously shows that you're very much passionate about your writing. The characteristics of a good domain include a brief, simple, unique and catchy name that is relevant to the main topics of the blog. This may well be your first serious and challenging task of starting a fashion blog, so be creative and be smart!

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