How to Schedule Posts in WordPress

Write a WordPress post today and publish it at a future date with just a few clicks.
A lot of people who start off using WordPress don’t realize that there’s actually in incredibly useful and somewhat hidden feature that allows you to schedule posts. Even a lot of people who have been using WordPress for a long time are sometimes surprised to learn exactly how easy it is and never had any idea that this feature was even available. Contrary to very popular belief, you don’t actually need an entirely separate plugin just to schedule your posts. All you need to do is change a few settings before you’ve submitted the post to go public, and we’re here to show you exactly how to go about accessing this schedule.

scheduling posts on wordpressSo why do we want to show you how to schedule posts in WordPress in the first place, anyway? Well, just as with any website or video sites such as YouTube has a time when it’s at its absolute peak, when the most users are viewing it at once. But what if your readers live in entirely different time zones than you, causing peak hours to occur at 2 or 3 AM? What if you or your family is going on a vacation, or you won’t be able to access an internet connection for a period of time? This is part of why scheduling posts is so convenient. It’s an incredibly simple way to fix this problem.

This process will let you keep yourself well ahead of schedule, making posts and then scheduling them to open to the public at certain times. This can be incredibly handy if say, for example, you’re planning to have a super busy week and won’t have time to make posts. You can just write a few ahead of time and then they’ll be ready to release at their most opportune time.

So let’s go ahead and show you how to schedule posts in WordPress. Like we said, it’s incredibly easy and sometimes a very powerful tool at your disposal, and we’re not sure why WordPress makes it slightly difficult to access, but we’re here to help you out.

Scheduling a WordPress Post to Publish in the Future

Once you’re finished with your post and before you hit the publish button, look just above it. There’s a few statuses here that you might not typically look into. The first one will tell you the status of your post, whether it’s in draft form or already posted. Next is the visibility, where you’ll set whether your post is public or private. And finally is the option that we’re most interested in, the one that reads “publish immediately.”

schedule-postWhat you’ll want to do next is to click the blue “edit” button to the left of this option. It’ll bring out another menu under the status where you can set the month, day, and then year that it’ll release. Following the @ symbol, you’ll put in what time you want your post to be published. It’s extremely important to note here that there’s no option for AM or PM settings. Instead of using AM and PM you’ll want to put the time in military time. So for example, if you want your posts to release at 4:30 PM every day, you’d put 16:30 as the time you’d like to schedule it to publish. After you have it set up to release at the appropriate time, all you have to do is click the OK button and then the “Publish” button will change to one that instead reads “Schedule.”

So why is learning how to schedule posts in WordPress so important to you and your website? Well, users love media that is consistent in addition to being the quality that you expect. Say that you have a reader who checks out your website every single day at lunch, and it becomes part of their ritual and they become a loyal viewer. But then say that you move somewhere and begin posting when that person is at work, or asleep. That person is more likely to find a blog that posts around the time that they’re looking for and stop following yours as closely.

Fixing Missed Scheduled Post Errors

fix a missed scheduled post error on wordpressThere’s also a very common error that occurs called the missed schedule post error, which is basically exactly what it says, and there’s a very easy way to remedy it called the WP Missed Schedule fix failed posts plugin. For those of you that haven't figured it out yet, we have plugins to fix just about everything in that could come up.

Fixing missed schedule post errors is a mouthful to say but it’s super easy to use, with no actual configurations needed by the user. The way that it works is by going through your posts individually and seeing if a post has missed its schedule. If it has missed one, the plugin will publish them correctly. This plugin will hopefully be a thing of the past in the newer updated security releases of WordPress, but this is a great option if you’re having this problem now.

So that’s it, it’s that easy to schedule your posts on WordPress.

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