How to Get More User Comments on WordPress

Engage Your Users and Get More WordPress Comments

A lot of WordPress users would love to build thriving communities on their sites, but many just don’t get the volume of comments they would like. You might be making great content and spending a lot of time and effort doing everything right, but sometimes the comments just don’t arrive.

If you want to have more comments, there are some great tips and tricks we’ll be sharing with you today to help you achieve that goal. It can be hard and unfulfilling to keep on updating your site when it seems like visitors aren’t really engaging with you or leaving any feedback, so let’s look at some of the best ways to give your comments section a big boost.

Get Yourself an Audience

It’s not too smart to expect comments to roll in by the hundreds when you don’t have that sort of traffic in the first place. It’ll take some time and patience, but every site has to start somewhere and you need to build up your profile initially in order to attract a loyal set of users who will return to the site and feel the desire to leave a comment or two. Make the effort to create some unique content and get people interested in what you have to offer. Comments will arrive if you keep at it.


Make Your Comment System Functional and Attractive

The design of your site can have a big influence on the amount of comments you get. First of all, you won’t be getting any comments if your system isn’t fully functional, so be sure to get the right plugins and do some tests to check that comments can be successfully posted. Next, you’ll want to adapt the design of your site to make your comment box stand out. This will encourage visitors to leave their thoughts. Finally, the comment system itself needs to be simple and intuitive. Complex captcha filters and forced logins can put people off leaving a comment, so try to use the plugins that suit your audience.

Inspire Discussion

How can you expect people to comment if you don’t give them something to discuss? Just like in real life, it’s better to initiate conversations rather than waiting for someone else to make the first step. End your posts with questions and invite them to discuss a hot topic or share their opinions. A simple message asking your visitors to leave a comment can make all the difference, but don’t overdo it. You want to sound friendly and inviting, rather than needy and desperate for comments. Feel free to reply to people in your comment section as well, don’t just let the visitors discuss among themselves.

Ask Friends and Contacts to Get the Ball Rolling

social-marketing-communicationIn the beginning, it can be difficult to build up your audience. Don’t be afraid to ask your own personal contacts to kick things off with their own comments. It only takes a few messages to get a good discussion going and your friends can really help you in this regard. We love in a culture of sharing and you should try to take advantage of that as much as you can. Send a link to all of your email or social media contacts and you’ll be sure that at least a few of them will visit your page and share their thoughts.

Make Use of Promotional Contests

Online contests are very popular these days because they represent a great way for site owners to attract users and get people talking. Everyone loves to win a prize, no matter how small it is, and leaving a comment is a very simple way to get involved with a contest. Decide on a prize and ask visitors to share a thought or story to be in with a chance of winning. These people will be much more likely to return to your site in the future and comment again.

Polls Are Useful Too

Polls are a great way to get people engaged with your site and your content. It takes less time to click on a poll answer rather than write a whole comment, so you’re more likely to get responses by relying on polls. Visitors will be sure to return to see how the poll turns out and they’ll probably get involved with your site again at a later date.


Avoid Comment Moderation

It can be frustrating for users to go to the effort of typing out a comment, only to then realize that the comment needs to be moderated before others can see it and respond to it. This sort of thing can really kill discussions and prevent people from having fun on your site. Unfortunately, comment moderation exists for a reason and protects you from spam, but you can find some great plugins that allow users to comment freely while keeping your site spam-free.

Install Some Super Comment Plugins

WordPress has a rich library of effective and useful plugins that you should be making use of. Some of these plugins will certainly help you to get some extra comments by offering smart systems that allow everyone to comment with ease. Jetpack Comments, Postmatic and Yoast Comment Hacks are just a few examples of these fantastic plugins.

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