How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

How to Build a Restaurant Website with WordPress

The main use of the website of a restaurant is to provide information about the restaurants to the people. Before visiting a restaurant, people often visit a website before entering a specific restaurant. A proper website proves to be best for the people as well as for the restaurant staff. The information provided by the website should be accurate and new updates should be added accordingly to the time.

A website for your restaurant has be easy to operate. It shouldn’t be beautiful yet appealing and informative one containing all the necessary details related to the restaurant. If it’s a big restaurant then it should have an app for the users to look into the information easily.

Website should state the information about the food items/menu and the exact location of the restaurant. The website should be easily available for the searchers. It is a tough work but all worth in the end at the restaurants end.

Introduction and History
People are mostly interested to know about the courageous stories and history regarding the foundation of the restaurants. It would be good if the websites contains the history for the people. Picture corner should be made for the visitors to cherish everything.

Everything should be informed related to the menu. Menu should be available on the site easily. Menu should be prominent and appropriate. Menu need to contain some pictures of the food, description and detailed information with price mentioned. What’s special in the menu and recommendation from the visitors should be also included in the menu.

Food and Drink Menu
Menu may include free and a pro edition. Free edition can add more information to be called as pro edition. Every information can be added to the website easily.

Location and timings
Customers need to have all information related to the restaurant. Contact number, location of the area, email and fax should be provided on the website. Using Google map customer should be able to locate the restaurant easily. Easy and detailed information is mandatory for a best informative website.

People want to know about the ingredients as well as the picture of how does the food looks like. It the website do not contain pictures then visitors would never wanted to go inside the restaurants r would have placed the order. Very often before visiting the restaurants, families visit the websites to get the details about the inner environment of the restaurant. Pictures can satisfy them in this case. Built-in gallery, the important feature of WordPress can work to show the restaurant’s inside and outside both. Slideshow can also be used for this purpose.

Restaurant’s website should contain an option of booking for the reservations. The method of booking should be simple and less time taking otherwise if something offends the customer then the will probably search and book for another restaurant in the same area.

Online Orders
Customers should be given the option to choose the menu they want to eat and place their orders online. Delivery and pick up orders should be provided by the restaurant for the customers. Moreover, the orders for diners, lunch and catering should also encourage. There are many different ways to place the order on the restaurant website. One is through plugin, which is almost free of cost. Dealers would receive the orders through email, fax etc.

Reviews about WordPress
Reviews about a restaurant matter the most for the dealers. With the help of plugin review can be entertained. Customers and dealers both can interact there. Google rating also gives information about the standing position of the restaurant.

In a website, it is needed to add information about latest and the coming events. Event can be of any type. It may include parties, special offers, celebrations and many more. Event calendar can describe the events best.

Customers can give their feedback through emails, messages, fax etc. A newsletter works best for the restaurant.

Social Media
Your remarks for the restaurant can be shared by many ways. Facebook, Twitter and instagram works very well for it. Through newsfeed your friends and special ones can better know about your experience.

WordPress contains everything a restaurant wants to show on its website. With the help of themes and tips a restaurant can built its website very well. Happy and satisfied customers are the assets of every organization so with the help of WordPress this can be achieved easily.

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