HostNine Media Hosting Review

A website built for professionalism, HostNine is constantly evolving while maintaining customer satisfaction. On the website it gets right to the point by having the hosting plans on the home page with the prices. This has a high possibility of getting more customers that may have come to the site indirectly to stay for a little while. Some consumers tend to be impatient and they don’t like to hunt for things on websites which makes the first page the most popular page in most cases. As this applies to HostNine’s website putting it out in front so to speak might convert a few new clients. Being that HostNine has nicely outlined its site there shouldn’t be any problems for potential consumers to find what exactly it is they are looking for. The written points of interest that gives a breakdown on why consumers would love their services shows that they are confident in their capabilities. This website prides itself on delivering quality service. HostNine provides five specific plans to engage their customers while attracting new consumers. The five plans are reselling, shared, dedicated, cloud VPS, and media hosting.

hostnine media hosting plans

All of which have their different features within the plan to suite potential buyers. To give a quick over view of the plans, first the reseller plan for this web hosting site allows you to get a free domain name when you purchase one of the reseller plans. Under this plan HostNine is offering a free no obligation trial of the resell plan. This is a nice gesture for consumers to experience how the resell plan works before getting involved. After all, experience is the best teacher especially when it comes to clients. Second, the shared plan which is actually the least expensive when it comes to buying a personal plan. It gives the client basic hosting features along with a free domain name on certain accounts. Third, is the dedicated plan which is the most expensive plan and it provides powerful servers with a speedy network. Fourth, the cloud vps plan which can come with two IP numbers and is moderately priced for the average consumer.

HostNine’s fifth plan called media hosting is the second less expensive plan for personal usage. This plan allows consumers to stream videos as well as send videos around the world to a target market or friends. With a reliable sign-in system that protects customer’s privacy along with a 45 day money back guarantee; this web hosting site is as professional as they come. Depending on which plan a consumer buys it will determine the storage, bandwidth, and if additional IP’s come with the service. Speaking about HostNine’s continued features they have a spam blocker known as Clam AV on selected plans. The affiliate marketing plan in this web hosting site will pay its consumers to refer new clients. Through HostNine’s simple navigation menu consumers are encouraged to contact them with any issues that they might have stumbled upon.

This website gives its consumers more than enough information to chew on with its video tutorials. For example, they explain how creating an account on every social media website or application imaginable would work using the HostNine system. A very thorough process going over every detail of how to link in with other sites from all angles, not just by creating an account alone. With a personalized touch HostNine web hosting site also has an added blog to engage their consumers. By sharing information on old systems, new systems, upcoming technology, and vulnerabilities this blog is a must read to stay informed. Overall HostNine website keeps its consumers in the loop with any updating information on maintenance issues that deal with servers or what not. This site appears to give wonderful customer service with an uptime of a consumers’ website about 99% of the time. Dedicated to delivering the best customer service HostNine may just be one of the biggest competitors in the media hosting world to date.

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