HostNine Coupon Codes


15% Off Purchase

This is our most popular HostNine coupon for annual hosting purchase this June. Save 15% off your total hosting purchase, good on any plan or time frame.


$5 off HostNine

Save $5 off your first month with HostNine. This exclusive coupon code will save you 100% off your first month of HostNine shared hosting in 2016.

Guide to Using a HostNine Coupon

With our HostNine coupon codes, you can get a year of premium shared hosting for as little as $35. We have come up with a very simple guide to help WPCaddy users select the best HostNine coupon for their order. Simply answer these questions and use the HostNine coupon that corresponds with your answers. Are you buying shared hosting? If no, then use the 25% off promo code from above on a one month purchase or the 15% off promo code on an annual purchase.

If you are buying shared hosting, then are you looking to prepay for a year of hosting? If yes, then the 15% off coupon is right for you as well. If not then you will likely want to use our $5 off coupon code as it is the best available offer for one month shared hosting purchases. It should knock your first month down to $0, and moving forward the monthly rate will be charged to your card or PayPal account.

All of our HostNine coupons have been updated this December so that you maximize your savings and feel confident in making the switch to better, more reliable hosting.


Our HostNine Review
  • Speed
  • Reliability
  • Customer Support
  • Value

Review Summary

HostNine took home one of our hosting awards for us this year, as they were named the top reseller hosting provider. However, we have used their shared and VPS hosting services as well and can say that, while we prefer their sister company A Small Orange, we do not hesitate to recommend HostNine.

With shared hosting starting at just $4/month, and just $3/month with our top HostNine coupon, they are easily one of the best values in the hosting industry.

Why We Recommend HostNine...

Any review of HostNine has to start with the people behind the product. The product is great and we will get there, but HostNine's team is different than anything else in the hosting industry. Support is fast, friendly, and so knowledgable... you can tell that every team member is extensively trained in not only the technical details behind HostNine, but in the culture that they are creating.

Moving onto their great hosting products. To put it as blunt as possible, you are getting a better product at the best price. HostNine's servers are powered by the latest and greatest hardware and software, resulting in amazing load times, 100% uptime, and an overall hosting environment that you can rely on. Adding to that point, if you are looking for a host that will go the extra mile to ensure that your website always runs optimally, H9 is it. Things other hosts charge for, refuse to offer, or flat out don't have the ability to do are included with a $3/month shared hosting account.

top hostnine shared hosting coupons for 2016

HostNine has optimized all of their servers to run WordPress better! They understand the risk of bottlenecking and brute force attacks when it comes to WordPress and have created a server environment that keeps every WP install fast and secure. Beyond just the servers, H9 has taken the time to fully train every member of their team in all things WordPress. This means that any issues you may have with your website get dealt with quickly by a team member that knows exactly what they are doing.

You can buy from HostNine with piece of mind thanks to their 45 day money back guarantee. It's a very simple idea that we require of any host we partner with, you need to back your product or we won't. I'm not referring to a 'cancel at anytime' guarantee, I mean a 100% money-back-if-you-are-not-happy guarantee. HostNine knows that their product is superior to your current or past host, so they have no problem offering a guarantee.

Where we find our HostNine coupons

This is a question that we are asked a lot, because there isn't a lot of websites out there that offer HostNine coupons. We work directly with HostNine's marketing and affiliate team to get coupons whenever possible, but for the most part just scour the web. We pick through forums, Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, and blogs so that our visitors don't have to. It's our goal to ensure that every visitor that finds WPCaddy has the opportunity to not only save on hosting, but save on great hosting.

Our team is committed to ensuring that this website provides real value to our readers. We don't just recommend any host, we recommend only the best. Our HostNine coupon codes are updated daily to ensure that you don't just get a discount, but get the best possible discount. Our articles are based around solving real problems, and answering questions we get asked everyday. The goal we set out with when we started WPCaddy was to create a WordPress blog that provides real value and we feel like that's exactly what we have done.

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